Sunday, 30 April 2017

Summer Holiday Dress Haul

After talking the good talk, I am soon to go on my first ever "Lone Wolf" travel. Well ok it's like a tentative lone wolf. I'll get to the point - basically every year I go away with my sisters and family, which I absolutely love as we all get on so well and have such a great time but as I'm single and as I no longer have the holiday confines of working in a school - I want to push myself out of my comfort zone and start taking myself off to explore. 
And I think I've got the best first try plan as I will be spending three days on my own in Majorca and then one of my sisters and friend will be joining me for another 3 days. (I say "joining me" - I'm actually crashing their holiday!). So I'll be able to have my first solo holiday but with the comfort of knowing that there's people coming to save me from my own conversations!

As I'm getting excited now, I ordered a few holiday dresses, and I also kindly got sent a lovely maxi dress, so I thought I'd show you what I ordered and let you know what I'll be keeping.
QED London Denim dress - this looks so much nicer on the model than me. This is a size small but swamps me and is too long on me (on the model it is just above the knee - I am 5ft 3/4 for reference. I like to think I'm 5ft 4 but the jury is out on that!). And the off the shoulder ruffle hangs too low for my liking. £24.00 from ASOS.
ASOS Cold Shoulder Sundress with Pom poms - Another one that looked better on the website than in the flesh. Although the detail of the pom poms and embroidered hem is lovely, the material feels too heavy yet not to the quality I would expect for £32.00. The material makes this feel too casual for evening wear and would crease badly for the day.
ASOS Drop Waist Sundress - I love the colour of this dress, although sadly the green seems to have sold out online (they have got a really nice yellow though). Being all cotton, this dress is lightweight and cool to wear. The halter neck tie can be adjusted which is handy. There was nothing wrong with this dress but I just didn't love it enough to keep it. £22.00.
Phax Tropicana Sunset Maxi Sundress* - very kindly sent me this lovely maxi sundress and whilst I'm not doing it real justice without a tan, I think you'll agree the bright pattern just shouts "I'm on holiday". This dress could be worn either over swimwear, or as I'll do, to lunch when you want to be in something light, breezy but still a little bit dressy. The dress also has a nice bright yellow lining which comes to just above the two side splits, so you can also wear it in the evening. (Apologies for the show of leg sexy pic- but I wanted to show how high the splits come). 

The dress has a racer back and the spaghetti straps are adjustable by tying. 
This dress is £67.95 and is in the sort of material which you know won't crease, however long it's been in the suitcase for. UKswimwear also have lots of other sundresses and swimwear for you to check out.
Misguided Floral Front Knot Mini Dress - I kept this dress because apart from it being a teeny bit too low cut for me, it's a perfect evening meal on holiday dress - especially with the knot front detail which will hide a multitude of food sins! This is a loosely structured dress, which hangs well without any creasing and has a long zip at the back (good for lone travelers to do up!). £18.00 from ASOS.
I will be doing a post on my first lone wolf holiday, so look out for that towards the end of next month and keep your fingers crossed that I pluck up the courage to leave my hotel room!



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  1. I really like all of these, the black one with the pom poms is so nice, I think I might have to order that one too, theres 20% student discount on asos too and my daughter is at uni so ya know, it'd be rude not too ha ha, they are all lovely though, you have a lovely figure though so can wear anything, I am a chunky monkey so might not look so good lol xxxx


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