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My 30 day trial of Skinade Collagen Drink

Skinade Collagen Drink
Skinade Collagen Drink
As a Blogger I like to try new and interesting things that I myself wouldn't normally come across or try. And sometimes I am lucky enough to be sent new things to try out. At the beginning of March I was sent a month's worth of Skinade* Collagen Drink to try. Which was very exciting and although I had heard of collagen and how beneficial it is to skin, hair and nails, I was used to seeing it as an ingredient in skincare. I hadn't heard of it in a supplement formula that you can drink.

Skinade Course
I received the 30 day Holiday Edition, which is made up of 20 bottles of pre mixed drinks and 10 sachets of the supplement, which you just add to water and drink. The sachets are really handy to take away when travelling, or when you just don't want to be carrying one of the bottles around, although to be fair the bottles are slim and not bulky at all.
Skinade Collagen Drink
The taste of the pre mixed solution and sachets is quite pleasant, like squash. The flavour is mangosteen and peach and I got used to the taste quite quickly.  I found it best to have the pre mixed bottles chilled straight from the fridge, usually after breakfast.

Why Collagen?
We already have collagen in our skin and bones, and the job of this protein is to give the skin strength and structure and help to replace dead skin cells. And whilst the body naturally produces collagen, like most things, as we age this production lessens. And the dropping collagen production levels results in wrinkles, fine lines, thinning and dry skin and spots. Which is why we need to supplement the diminishing levels.

As you probably know our skin is made up of 3 layers - the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous. Collagen is mainly found in the 2nd layer, the dermis, so it's very very difficult for any cream to penetrate to that layer. Skinade, because you drink it and therefore absorb it internally, works from the inside out by increasing collagen in the bloodstream by adding 7000mg of collagen from each bottle. As well as adding collagen, by drinking Skinade, it triggers and fires up the body's own collagen production.

Adding Skinade to your daily routine is an easy, no fuss way of taking a collagen supplement - if you were to take the equivalent in tablet form, you would have to take 20 tablets a day!

Skinade say the benefits of taking a course are:

  • increased skin hydration and radiance
  • reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • increased skin suppleness
  • healthier looking skin and nails
Whilst there are some really impressive before and after pictures in the Skinade literature, results for everyone will be different. Skinade also recommend that for best results, you take a 90 day course.
I have just completed a 30 day course, so a third of the recommended best results course but I would still have hoped to have seen good results even in this time. I'm afraid I can't say I saw any significant improvement in my skin, hair or nails. Granted I don't have an issue with my hair or nails but I do have ageing skin texture, with fine lines around the eyes and mouth and some sagging around the jaw line. I can't say any of these areas have improved. I have also in the past 2 weeks been quite spotty but I think this is related to trying out a Vitamin C treatment, not the Skinade drink.

And whilst I have not been blown away by this treatment, I would continue because I like the idea of taking an easy to drink supplement for the skin. However, there in lies the rub - the cost of the treatment. The 30 day holiday edition course I had is £105. So that's over £100 for a month's supply. And whilst I am sure that, if the cost isn't an issue for you, and you were able to take this for a long period of time, you may see some significant improvements, I myself cannot justify this spend. 

But it's been a treat for me to be able to try this out, so thank you to Skinade. For more information and so you can see if this is for you, have a look at the Skinade website here. 
Skinade Collagen Drink



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