Tuesday, 28 March 2017

In the Changing Room at Matalan

Lately I've been seeing some nice pieces from Matalan on Instagram and on blogs I follow, and I wanted to get me some of that action as I haven't been to Matalan for quite a while. And I could have called this a patriotic red white and blue post but the khaki jacket ruined that. But in a good way.
This lightweight shirt ticks so many boxes - folk style/raw hem edging/frills/bib detail. A perfect spring top - cool enough for those freak hot days and warm enough for the spring chill that is still around thanks to the long sleeves. Looks so good with blue denim. £18.
This is one of those items that look better on the hanger. Although I love the crisp white cotton edged with the red, on me this top is just too square. I look like a cube. But I'm sure on someone else and in the right size, it will look lovely. £18.
Who doesn't love a stripped t-shirt and this one is super soft. The wording says "New York Party Girl", which is the story of my life! (I'm writing this in my PJs at 5.30pm on a saturday night...). £8.
I'm really not doing this shirt any justice in my black bra and awkward stance as I try to take a photo without said bra coming through the top! But you can see that this is a really pretty top with cut out detail at the top. £18.
Another striped top but long sleeved. I had to go two sizes up in this because it's ribbed and I never like how ribbed tops really cling in your usual size. I adore the red stripe around the wrists and neck line and this is just such a great basic top. £10. 
These are the jeans in all the photos and they are super skinny ankle grazer jeans. Super stretchy and the embroidered star detail just adds a bit of difference but without being a crazy embellishment. The jeans also have a raw edge hem. £18. Here are some other views..
And then the item which I did buy (although I'm so going back for the jeans) is this embroidered utility jacket. I've been either wearing this with a long sleeve t-shirt underneath as a jacket or when it's a bit colder with a jacket over, so wearing it like a shirt. I love the khaki shirt jackets which are around at the moment and I just felt this one was a bit less serious and army like. £30.
I hope you like these picks and agree that it was worth me trying Matalan again.


  1. I love the utility jacket and the striped top. I haven't been in Matalan for a while...I must pop in and have a browse.

    Emma xxx

    1. I hadn't been in in ages but I work near one now so I'll be a regular visitor! Xx

  2. I really love the white shirt with the cutouts! I feel like anything with cutouts is something I need to purchase since their a little bit more unique!
    Kathy x

  3. Great detail and I have to say I loved all of the outfits, the blouses are lovely. I will be popping into my nearest Matalan store this week, thanks for this.

    1. Thanks Pauline. And thanks for reading. Xx


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