Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The Versatile £20 H&M dress

H&M Crepe Dress
H&M Crepe Dress
So.. I've got a new job. Yay. I haven't started yet but a new job means new work outfits and new stationery, and I'd like a new lunch bag.. 

Anyway, I popped in to H&M last week and purchased a few basic work wear pieces and this dress was one that I just thought "yea that'll do" but then when I got it home and tried it on again, I realised what a corker this £19.99 dress is.

The dress is a simple loose shift style, with very slight fluted sleeves but not enough to get in the way. 
I bought this dress for work but it can actually be worn in quite a few different ways.

1. Smart casual for work - as you'll see in the photo above this is a perfect work wear dress. Worn on its own it's comfortable, flattering and the polka dot pattern is eye catching but without being in your face. If this dress had pockets, oh man..

2. Interview/Business Smart - teamed with a jacket, this dress ramps up a gear and is much more interesting than a grey shift dress under the jacket or a suit. I also love how the sleeves of the dress are long enough to show past any jacket sleeve.
3. Belted - and look what happens when you cinch in the waist with a belt. It's like a totally different dress.
4. Night out - and putting a (pretend) leather jacket over the dress casuals it up a treat. This dress will also be lovely worn without tights in Spring and with a statement necklace.
For £19.99 I really don't think you can go wrong with this dress. There were other patterns but I can't recall what they were like as my eye was drawn to the polka dot. Although I'm going to go back to see what the other ones were like as the fit and style of this dress are what makes it, it is so easy to wear. And will hopefully be a good first day in a new job dress.


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