Thursday, 2 February 2017

January 2017 Favourites

I hope your January was as fairly painless as mine was? After dreading the post holiday season month for longer than the month itself, it's gone quite quickly and for me there's been some highlights - the biggest being that I was invited to take part in the Schwarzkopf Colour Expert advert that is hopefully going to be featured in Good Housekeeping magazine quite soon. It was a surreal, interesting, brilliant, and once in a lifetime experience for me.
We've also booked our family holiday and this year we are going for 10 whole, long, lovely nights. And there is talk of a sisters long weekend somewhere abroad later this year. In your face January!

So on to what I've been loving in January.

Make up
Soap Brows
Soap Brows
Bit of a different entry for 'make up' but I've certainly been doing soap brows as part of my make up routine. I first saw Sam from Pixiwoo doing a great tutorial on soap brows and it seemed too easy not to try. In a nutshell you dampen a brow spoolie and then rub the brush over a clear soap. Pears Original is best for this and won't leave any white soapy residue in your brows. You then brush your brows up and the soap will then dry clear and set them in place, and they will not budge. What I love about this method is that by brushing up your brows, rather than brushing them along you get a fuller, bushier, more natural looking brow.
Here's the LINK to the video which will show you better than I can explain.

Got 2b Hair Oil
Got 2b Hair Oil
This super cheap (£3.00 from Superdrug) little bottle of hair oil has lasted me for ages and ages. I put it on to damp washed hair, and to tame down frizz once I've blow dried. It's a great non greasy oil which has helped to leave my hair soft and shiny.

Boombar Speaker
Boombar Portable Bluetooth Speaker
I decided to start investing in my blogging room set up as I spend quite a bit of time in there. My sister talked me through subscribing to Spotify and fueled with my new found skill of listening to music at the same time as writing, I picked up this portable bluetooth speaker in the Sainsburys sale but you can also get it for less than £23 on Amazon.

The sound quality is fab, it either takes batteries or you can charge it via a USB port. This is going to be great for poolside tunes on holiday. Having good quality sounds whilst blogging has really changed things for me and makes hours spent writing much more fun. (Currently singing along to Never Ever by the great and mighty All Saints).

Oliver Bonas Hot Dog Jumper
Oliver Bonas Hot Dog Jumper
I picked this jumper up in the Oliver Bonas sale and there are still some sizes available (LINK). I think this is going to be the start of my slogan top obsession. Although this photo makes the jumper look a bit shapeless, I can confirm that is not the case. It's a great fit - not too long, slim fitting but without being too tight. Look great with jeans or a skirt.

I'm already looking forward to Feb's favourites as I've picked up a few new things I'm currently trying out and already liking.



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  1. Love all your posts but always look forward to the monthly favourites...especially as I read this one in a hospital waiting room...really helped today! The hair oil sounds very interesting, love the jumper & really excited to see the ad! :-) :-)


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