Tuesday, 28 February 2017

February 2017 Favourites

No, you're not seeing things, that is a sausage ring in this month's favourites. So without further a do, here are February's hits.

Make up - Mally Eye Shadow stick in shade smoky quartz.
Mally Shadow Stick Extra
Mally Shadow Stick Extra
I received the Mally eye shadow stick in the latest Tili Beauty Box edition from QVC. I love eye shadow sticks for their ease, blendability and travel friendly packaging. And this one from Mally is no exception. The shade is smoky quartz and as with most cream shadows you can blend this out for a more sheer look, or apply as opaque coverage and also use as a liner. This shadow stick is lovely and creamy.

Skincare - Garnier Skinactive Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask
Garnier Skinactive Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask
Garnier Skinactive Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask
These tissue sheet masks are currently on offer at 99p in Boots, so grab some quick. Although to be fair normal price is £1.49. And actually I think these masks are so good, that I'd pay £10 for them (but let's not tell Garnier that!). And by making these masks so affordable, Garnier have made sheet masks accessible to everyone. I've been lucky to be able to try out some really expensive sheet masks, and they've been good but this one, for the price, comes out tops for me. There is so much serum in the packet, which also coats the tissue mask and even after leaving on for 15 minutes, you are left with a good amount of serum on your face to massage in.

As the name says this is a moisturising mask and it really does leave my skin plumped, glowing and radiant. I cannot recommend these masks enough.

Food - Chorizo
I've had chorizo in things before and hadn't been fussed either way. I could take it or leave it, until my sister Emily recommended the Hairy Bikers Spanish Chicken recipe to me, which includes sliced chorizo. And my life just felt fuller. Literally.
I'm now adding chorizo to as many dishes I can. Granted I haven't yet figured out the correct oven cooking time, and keep burning it to a crisp but its a work in progress and one I'm enjoying.

Misc - Narcos Boxset
There's been so much good TV on recently - the return of The Walking Dead, Apple Tree Yard, Unforgotten, Julia Bradbury's Best Walks, This is Us. And the absolute stand out one for me, the box set that I wish I hadn't binge watched over less than two weeks and wish I was still watching, the one I can't stop thinking about is Narcos.

Narcos is on Netflix and is a two season set about Pablo Escobar, Columbian Drug lord. I hadn't know anything about Pablo Escobar at all and ok to be honest I thought he might have played in the amazing Miami Sound Machine (so sorry Gloria Estefan) but I now know that definitely wasn't the case! At first I thought I wouldn't have the patience for this box set as it is subtitled, with only small bits in english but actually because you have to make sure you are paying all your attention to the TV, it means you're not also side tracked with checking your mobile. I loved Narcos. I miss Pablo (watching him in this, not in real life because in real life he was a bad, bad man).

Fashion - Zara embroidered sweater
Zara embroidered sweater
Zara embroidered sweater
The embroidery trend isn't going anywhere and I'm very pleased to see new in spring clothing adorned with uplifting and heart warming embroidery. If I could sew real flowers on to my clothes, I would. But they would play havoc with my hayfever.

This sweatshirt is Zara at its best - taking a trend that every brand is doing but making it just that bit more quirky and original. So yes this is a sweatshirt but as you can see it's got puffy, voluminous sleeves and beautiful embroidery on the front and down the sleeves.
This has that lovely fleecy inside that you find in good quality sweatshirts and looks good worn with jeans or a casual skirt. £29.99 from Zara.

And those were my favourites for February.




  1. That sweater is dreamy!! I tried that sheet mask a few weeks back and not sure I liked it for my skin unfortunately!xx

    Lucy x | lucy-cole.co.uk


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