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What I Got For Christmas 2016

what I got for christmas 2016
I hope you all had a lovely, restful and fun Christmas and a Happy New Year.
A bit like my "What I got for my Birthday" post, I wasn't going to do a what I got for Christmas post for fear of coming across too vulgar/spoilt/showy off. But I have been binge watching and reading these posts over the Christmas holidays and I love them. So if you're like me and love to see what people got and just like to get some ideas for yourself.. here are some of the gorgeous gifts I received from my family.

Rabbit themed gifts
You can buy me anything rabbit themed (stop it) and I will be very happy (stop it). 
Bertie & Jack rabbits print - I started collecting Bertie & Jack prints after seeing their stall at the Bath Christmas Market a few years ago and this cute one joins my collection. My sister thought the colours in it would go perfectly with my bright chandelier in my downstairs loo. And she wasn't wrong.
The two resin bunnies are from Marks and Spencer and have been made to put in your garden but like my own living rabbit, Jeff, these are taking pride of place on my landing window sill. Inside.

The Kissing Rabbits make up bag is by a brand called Anorak, and I think you can get their stuff in John Lewis. This bag is not only cute but in a wipe clean fabric, which I think is essential for make up bags.

Beauty gifts
New Look Make up and brushes
You'll probably already know how much I rate New Look Beauty, particularly the long wearing nail polishes, so I was chuffed to get this set of 4 winter shade polishes. I hadn't before used any of their lipsticks and so this set of Super Matte and Intense Colour lipsticks is a great intro. I've quickly tried one of the Super Mattes and it goes on easily, is opaque and dries quickly but it not drying or uncomfortable on the lips. The Intense Colour is just that and the darker of these two shades is a lovely plum red.

The brush set comes in an amazing gold sparkly case and includes a powder, flat foundation, flat eyeshadow, eyeliner and brow brushes.

Keep Me Entertained gifts
Amazon Fire Stick - I didn't really understand the concept of this or how it worked but let me tell you I am in love with this little miracle stick! After a slow set up (user error), I am now watching You Tube on my TV and not on my phone or ipad screen - literally life changing, for my eyes. And I've now subscribed to Netflix and have just finished The Crown (absolutely brilliant) and have lined up Gilmore Girls and something on Amanda Knox. This little stick thing has made me very, very happy.

Goodmans DAB radio - The display screen on my old DAB radio in the kitchen broke a while ago and I cannot tell you how frustrating it has been trying to find stations without any display. No more, thanks to this on trend copper coloured radio.

The Walking Dead (series 6) - Funny story. I asked for this for Christmas and my brother in law kindly bought me Waking the Dead (series 6). I don't even know what that is but he rushed out as soon as the shops were open and rectified this very funny error. 

Misc gifts
Mini Light box - A surprise gift from my Sister (she got our other sister one as well). I don't know if she knows how important it is and how I was lacking behind in being a Blogger by not having a light box! (Em, if you have a spare 'T' you don't need, could I have it please!).

Hygge book - I think I've been doing hygge (danish word for cozy) for as long as I can remember. I am the epitome of fleece/blankets/warm things/comfort food but now with the help of this book, I can take it to another level!

Olivia Burton watch - this beaut watch was a complete surprise from my daughter (along with other thoughtful gifts). We had both whatsapped each other this watch when I'd seen it on Instagram and I nearly got it for her, but she already has another Olivia Burton watch. So I was bowled over to get it from her. It's black, with a metal strap and nice large face. I love it.
Olivia Burton watch
The White Company Card Holder - this was one of the items on my wish list and I am so pleased with it. For weekend use, I have been using a card holder for most of 2016 because that's all you need for a couple of cards. As I've been getting so much use out of the New Look one I had, I wanted to upgrade a bit and this is perfect.

There is a slot for one card on the front and back, and then a slot in the middle, where you can put some folded up notes, or another card.
The White Company card wallet
And peaking out of the card holder is a Zara gift voucher. So look out for a forthcoming Zara haul (once the sales are over I think).

Thank you so much to all my lovely family for spoiling me and having such good taste.


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  1. Great glad you decided to do the post in the end! Go Gilmore say I was addicted is an understatement...even cried a bit at the end...Love it!


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