Thursday, 5 January 2017

Three Dry Winter Skin Saviours

Dry skin saviours
Dry skin saviours
Holy Moly, who left the freezer door open?! The temperature has gone from a balmy, and frankly ridiculous and un-festive, 15 degrees on Christmas Day to minus 4 and me having to put my little car in the garage because it's been taking me longer to de-ice than my journey to work!

And if you're anything like me with these fluctuations in temperature and whacking the central heating thermostat up to 30 degrees (another benefit to living on your own - you control the central heating!), then your skin, body and face, will be feeling dry as the autumn leaves that are still hanging around and as smooth as a fine grade sandpaper. At this time of year my skin almost feels like it's got a double layer, like it's lost its suppleness, give and bounce. And of course we should all be heaping loads of moisturiser on to our face and bodies but it just doesn't feel quite enough. And you know why, because you need to prep your skin. You need to get rid of the double layer and then moisturise.

So here are three products I've been reaching for to sloth off the dry skin and add an extra boost of hydration.
Em & Nick's Coffee Scrub
Em & Nick's Coffee Scrub
For the body, I really enjoy using a coffee scrub. Yes it's messy and you should only use it in a contained shower so you can easily rinse off the coffee scrub bits which will get on the tiles. But small price to pay. Reasons why I love the Em & Nick's Coffee Scrub*

  • It smells amazing and will definitely wake you up in the morning
  • It gives a really good scrub but without scratching or being too harsh
  • It's made from 100% natural ingredients
To use, I jump in the shower (not literally, that would be dangerous), get wet, turn off the shower, massage the coffee scrub all over (paying particular attention to elbows, tops of my arms, knees and top of my chest, which seems to get quite congested due to continued use of thermal vests I suspect). Then turn the shower back on and rinse off.

Have a look at their website
Champneys Warming Scrub
Champneys Warming Scrub
If you want a relaxing body scrub, perhaps one to apply when you have a bit more time to pamper yourself, the Champneys Heavenly Days Relaxing Warming Scrub is lovely. This clear gel contains tiny scrub particles which when applied to damp skin (again turn the shower off whilst you apply the scrub) warm the skin and smell lovely and very spa like. This gentle scrub leaves skin soft as silk. Available from Boots.
Sanatio Naturalis Bulgarian Rose Floral Water
Sanatio Naturalis Bulgarian Rose Floral Water
A facial spritz is not a gimmicky thing that you don't need. You really do need it. Facial sprays can be used as part of your skincare routine, to hydrate your skin throughout the day and to freshen make up without disturbing it.

Sanatio Naturalis Bulgarian Rose Water* goes a step further in the facial spritz field - yes you can still use it as part of your skincare routine as a toner and a hydrating midday spray but because this is made with Rose, the uplifting scent will help to relax and calm your senses as well. Rose water can also help to improve the tone and texture of skin by strengthening the skin's capillaries. Other uses for Sanatio Naturalis Bulgarian Rose Water:
  • as a cooling spray (great for anyone suffering with hot flushes)
  • as an in flight hydration spray
  • spray on to pillows and bed linen
  • put some on a tissue and apply to your forehead when you have a headache to help ease it
You can get this floral water from for £26.00

Hopefully these products will help you face winter head on. Well head on with a wooly hat on!



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  1. I really want to try the coffee body scrub...I think I'd like it and I also have a facial spray getting dusty at the back of the cabinet I might have another go with! P.s I'm now worrying about you baking at 30 degrees! :-D


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