Saturday, 14 January 2017

Step Aside Bell Sleeves, Its Time For The Balloon Sleeve

New Look Balloon Sleeve Jumper
New Look Balloon Sleeve Jumper
The sleeve has never been bigger. Literally. As soon as the ripped jean trend started to calm down (and thank god, people were walking around with two thirds of their jeans missing?!), then sleeves started to grow. It started with a fluted cuff, then progressed to a bell sleeve and now we have the balloon sleeve.
And whilst I made an effort to embrace the bell sleeve, eating a meal with these is nigh on impossible if you want your sleeves to stay out of your food. This issue is now solved with the balloon sleeve.

The balloon sleeve gives the volume of an extreme bell sleeve but cuffed right in at the wrist, you get full maneuverability to eat a bowl of soup if you so desire. The balloon sleeve is more practical, and keeps your arms warm from the up draft you get with an open bell sleeve.

I picked up two examples from New Look to show you and I am loving them.

Available here New Look Balloon Sleeve Jumper** in light purple, £22.99. And is also available in pink and grey.

This colour is a warm and neutral shade which looks great with jeans or a denim skirt.
New Look Balloon Sleeve Jumper Dress
New Look Balloon Sleeve Jumper Dress
I've been on the hunt for a jumper dress but all the ones I've seen are just too tight and figure hugging. If I want to wear a jumper dress, it's because I want to be wearing a big jumper, not a woolen body con! 
This balloon sleeve jumper dress is exactly what I was hoping for. It's loose, it's warm, it's soft, it's perfect. And the balloon sleeves make this jumper dress what it is by making a feature of them. If this dress didn't have such voluminous sleeves, it would be dull.
Available here New Look balloon sleeve jumper dress** in grey, £29.99 and available in burgundy.
 Look at the volume on that sleeve.
A close up so you can see the ribbed effect.
And a shot so you can see the length of the dress, and my knobbly knees (don't worry I do normally wear tight with this!).

I hope that gives you some ideas for our next phase of the extreme sleeve.


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  1. I think I prefer the balloon over bell sleeve and love how you're looking out for clothes that we can also eat in :-) :-)


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