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LK Bennett Mariel Crossbody Bag

LK Bennett Mariel Saffiano Crossbody Bag
LK Bennett Mariel Saffiano Crossbody Bag
Sad but true that I've got to my age without having owned a "designer" bag. And I have wanted one. I like bags - I like them big bags, I like them small bags, I like them carry a little bit of weight bags. 
But I have never been able to afford or, even if I could, justify spending hundreds of pounds on a bag. But then I started seeing the LK Bennett Mariel bag on Instagram and I was like "oh hello there".
LK Bennett Mariel Saffiano bag
I could see straight away that this bag was perfect for me. I love a crossbody bag more than any other style, especially when travelling or out for the day. I like having my hands free and a crossbody bag is secure and comfortable to wear. And this little bag had different compartments - something I also look for in a bag.

So after much thought and lusting, I took myself to the LK Bennett store in Westfield, London to check out the bag. Now ordinarily I do ponder things (purchases) for quite some time. It irritates the hell out of me because I've missed out on some lovely things because I've talked myself out of buying, only to then spend weeks thinking about said item, but to never find it again (known as the lost purchase).

Luckily for me I came across a suitably arrogant male shop assistant in LK Bennett who created a Pretty Woman moment for me*, which gave me the impetus to buy it without any thought.
(*side story - I saw the bag on a model, took it off and tried it on. Then asked the shop assistant if it was the only one they had or if there was a non display bag I could have. He replied "you know it's not on sale". I said "yes". He said "it's quite a lot". I said "I think it's £145?". He then got one out of the cupboard, checked the tag and said "yes, it's £145, is that ok for you?". Because I am a lady, I declined from answering with "Just about, you arrogant git!").

That incident aside, I am so happy with the bag. I went for the Grey Mist colour, which I think will work best for me and the colours I usually wear. Although granted a lot of the other colours have sold out online.
LK Bennett Mariel Saffiano bag
There is a poppered slot on the front of the bag and this is a perfect size for a card holder or receipts. There are two zipped inner compartments, both the same size. The zips are gold, with the zip fobs being in the same grey material as the bag. Inside the front zipped compartment is a really handy card slot, so you could put cards there instead of a card holder.
LK Bennett Mariel Saffiano bag
The strap is adjustable but I haven't had to readjust it as it's the perfect length.

And here's a quick "What's in my bag":

  • Primark double compact mirror
  • Nurofen
  • Superdrug mattifying papers
  • Kiko lip oil
  • Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria lipstick
  • The White Company card holder
  • H&M spotty foldaway bag
The LK Bennett Mariel bag is available online here.




  1. What awful service!! Hopefully the fact the bag is so bloody gorgeous that makes up for it!Xx

    Lucy x |

    1. Thanks Lucy. I told myself he was jealous and had wanted it for himself! Ha.
      Julie xx

  2. Cute bag girlfriend (in faux American accent, which luckily for you, you can't hear!)

  3. bag reminds me of the days when the Liz Clairborne small bag was to be had; I dreamed and dreamed; saved up for it and then I got one; used it all the time; it was about same size as the above mentioned; I even got to have a change purse to coordinate it with; I can't afford anything these days because it is payback mode for me until the end of time. I am always gloomy; so no apologies. Thanks for sharing. Stay well.

  4. Beautiful bag and I love the colour


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