Saturday, 31 December 2016

Nuts to 2016

So it's New Years Eve and more so this year than any other I can remember we will all really really mean it when we wish friends and family a "Happy New Year" because we are really hoping that 2017 sees a turn in all our fortunes.

I don't know why 2016 has been such an annus horribilis (as the Queen would say) and apart from the obvious things that have caused such emotion like Brexit, Trump and more importantly the too many terrorists attacks in Europe and across the world, this shit year has affected so many people I know. From relationship breakdowns to job insecurities, illness and just generally a run of bad luck for us all.

But you know what - we got through the year, we're at the end and I have seen so many positive affirmations for the New Year on social media and that fills me with joy. We are all pulling together because we all silently agree that we won't stand for another year like this one. I feel like 2016 and all the bad luck and high profile deaths that we seem to have had to constantly endure deeply unsettled us, rocked us to our core. We stubbled through 2016 in a near constant state of shock. But now we are rolling our sleeves up, tying our hair back, pulling together and we won't stand for it anymore!

We can do this people, we really can. If you have resolutions or goals, you go for it but remember not to be too hard on yourself if you don't achieve them all. And most importantly look after yourself, be a little selfish - buy that top, have that cheesecake, say no thank you when you don't fancy doing something, book that trip, go to that event (people will talk to you and you will feel so good after) and be kind. 

That's what I will take out of this year, kindness. I have come across so many kind people this year, a lot of them I have never met before but we have followed each other on various social media platforms. So to all the people who have made the effort to comment on my posts, like my Instagram and Facebook posts, tell me to my face that they enjoy the blog or friends and work colleagues that have asked how I'm getting on after my daughter moved out or have met up for a Costa - your kindness is appreciated more than I can put in to words.

And to my wonderful family.. Taylor Swift's squad goals has got nothing on us!

A very Happy New Year to all you lovely people.




  1. Happy New Year lovely, so pleased I found your blog and you too!!! Here's to 2017 being a happy and healthy one xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. Thanks so much Zoe. I'm so glad to have (virtually!) met you too. Happy new year to you and your family.
      Julie xx


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