Sunday, 4 December 2016

November 2016 Favourites

I do apologise for the lateness of my November favourites. I blame the Walking Dead - see below! 

I do love this time of year - dark nights, wrapping up and I've been in full on hibernation mode this month and all the things I've been enjoying have been either snuggly, comforting, fattening, or all three!

Make up - L'Oreal Gold Obsession lipstick in shade Nude Gold £6.99 from Boots or Superdrug
I can't lie I was drawn to this lipstick by the packaging. It is so christmassy and high end looking, in equal measures. I played it safe by going for the Nude shade but this is a nude on a different level. Yes it's a mid nude colour but the tiny flecks of gold in it give your lips a really lovely sheen/hint of metallic subtle sparkle. It's also hydrating so feels comfortable on lips and is easy to apply without a mirror. There are 5 shades in the range and I'm on the hunt for the darker colour, when I can find somewhere that has it - every where I look, it's sold out!
loreal gold obsession lipsrick
Skincare - Botanicals Lemongrass Hand Balm £14.00 from Botanicals*
You may have seen the recent review I did for (click here to read) on the Botanicals Hand Balms. These little pots of balm have been brilliant at protecting and keeping my hands soft and hydrated in the sudden onset of cold weather in the UK.
My favourite is the Lemongrass which has one of the most uplifting scents I've smelt. I can often be found applying the balm and then deeply inhaling my hands!
botanicals hand balm
Food - Co-op Chocolate Dunk Cheesecake slices
Oh my word you have to try this. I'd popped in to my local Co-op last week and fancied something naughty for dessert and picked this up, really because nothing else appealed to me. I didn't really want cheesecake as after eating a ridiculous amount of New York cheesecake last year, I'd gone right off it. But this, this is something else. Imagine a soft cheesecake, with a chocolately biscuit base encased in a shell of chocolate? Yep, that's this cheesecake. How many calories? Don't know, don't care. This is my new obsession, until I eat so much I can't bear to look at cheesecake again.
Misc - The Walking Dead and Les Miserables
I know I am so late to the Walking Dead party. It never interested me before, the whole zombie thing but I was in the market for a new box set to watch and after hearing all the hype for the start of the new series 7, I thought I'd give it a go. So I've been commiting myself to getting through 6 seasons and I've just finished season 5, so I've done pretty well. Yes there are a lot of zombies, you get acclimatised to the constant blood and guts quite quickly and nothing, nothing good happens at all. Or at least when it does, it soon gets ruined. But I am hooked and enjoying it.

My sisters and I went to see Les Mis in London at the end of October. I've watched the film version a few times and love it. I'm not sure why I haven't been to see Les Mis before as I love going to musicals. I sat for the duration of the show completely spellbound. It was amazing.

Fashion - New Look Khaki Suedette jacket (click here as it's currently on sale at £24.99**)
I got the black version for my birthday but exchanged it for the khaki colour. This is such a warm, cosy jacket and I really like the little details on the jacket that make it a bit more interesting.
new look khaki jacket
To make up for my tardiness, I'll be posting my Christmas favourites before the end of December. Promise.


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  1. Going to try the cheesecake it looks divine and I'm loving the look of those little botanical tins!


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