Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Christmas Make Up - All the Glitter and Sparkle

Christmas makeup
Ok so you might have already had your Christmas Do and if so I'm sorry I didn't post this before. I did have it ready but I wasn't happy with the photos so I had to re-take them. Anyway enough of the excuses, I wanted to tell you about some of the glittery make up that I like to wear at this time of the year - be that for Christmas Parties, the big day itself or just because you want to sparkle.

The products I'm going to mention are ones that I wear as a 40+ year old but there is no age limit or requirement, I just like these items because they seem to suit my skin and complexion and do not contain large pieces of glitter that fall into your eyeballs resulting in an awkward squint or wayward winking at the wrong person at the Christmas do!

Nail polishes
An easy way to wear glitter or sparkle is to go for a full nail of glitter like these Barry M polishes or the Tanya Burr (see note below though*) or to apply the full on glitter to one accent nail or to nail tips or as a sheer wash of glitter on top of another colour.
Christmas makeup
*I got the Tanya Burr polishes in the beauty advent calendar and they look incredible don't they. Unfortunately they smell very strongly of solvent or something and it's really off-putting but worse than that is that the glitter is not contained within the polish. What I mean is that when the polish dries, you can feel the glitter, so your nail doesn't feel smooth but rather like coarse grade sandpaper. I don't like that feeling.  And its a bugger to get off. 
tanya burr polishes
The New Look polishes are fab. Glittery without being too obvious, easy to apply, easy to soak off and long lasting.
new look polishes

Make up
Christmas makeup
Eye shadows with sparkle in are lovely worn at night, especially if you can position yourself in the vicinity of a disco mirror ball as the bouncing light will catch and twinkle the sparkle in your eye shadow.

New Look Baked Eye Shadow in shade biscuit (above photo top left) is a brilliantly twinkly shadow. The glitter particles are tiny so there's no fear of these blinding you. Great as a highlighter as well.

Tanya Burr Glitter Eyeliners in silver and gold (above photo centre). These also came in the beauty advent calendar and although you need a few swipes to get a sufficient amount of glitter out, these are a great way to add a hint of sparkle to your lash line.

Charlotte Tilbury Nocturnal Cat Eyes to Hypnotise in the shade On the prowl (above photo far right). I love this and it really does catch the light but I fear the shade is just too dark for me. I need to see if they do this in a gold shade, which would be perfect.

Swatches of Charlotte Tilbury eye shadow (left) and New Look eye shadow (right):
Christmas makeup
I've spoken in awe about The Balm Mary Lou Manizer highlighter before and the love is real and it still continues. I think if you're going to wear highlighter - wear it. Let it strobe, let it beam, let it sparkle like Edward Cullen's glorious vampire face in the daylight (Twilight reference). And Mary Lou Manizer does all this. I like to wear this powder highlighter on top of a cream highlighter (Mac Cream Colour Base in Hush) so that it stays put and then I have double the (super) highlighter power! £17.49 from Superdrug.
the balm mary lou manizer
Have you got any favourite glittery, sparkly, shimmery make up products? If so, let me know in the comments and appeal to my inner magpie.



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