Friday, 4 November 2016

October 2016 Favourites

October 2016 favourites
October, for me, flew by in a blink and thank goodness really as this was not one of my better months of this year, due to some pretty stressful times at work. Oh and the daughter left the nest. Yes empty nest syndrome has arrived. But I'm trying to keep upbeat as I love this time of year - it's my birthday, Christmas and I'm going to create a lovely spare room! And try and climb over the blogging wall I seem to have hit!

So here are my favourites of October:

1. Make up
Mac Paint Point in Groundwork. This is a long wearing blendable eye shadow which every beauty blogger I follow seems to love. So when I was mooching the duty free in September I picked this up to see what all the fuss was about. Initially I did regret my rash purchase, one because I had paid £16 for one eye shadow and the colour seemed a bit bleh to me. 
Oh how wrong I was. This is now my absolute go to eye shadow. Being a cream it makes a great base if you want to put a powder colour on top, which will stay put all day and then some. And Groundwork worn just on its own is taupe but one of those great shades that on different days, in different lights can look slightly darker, richer or lighter and more subtle.
mac paint pot groundwork
2. Skincare
I have already done a separate blog post on the new skincare range The Ordinary and you can read this in full by clicking here. I still really love both the serums I bought and I will be reading the recommended regime again to see what else I need to buy.
These serums are so affordable, with quality ingredients and they are so easy to use. They, for me, are far from ordinary.
the ordinary
3. Food
Ok don't judge me - I'm talking about a bag of frozen chips. But they're sweet potato chips, so almost healthy! I've been eating a lot of sweet potatoes over the past few months and was making my own sweet potato wedges/chips but oh man what a drag that became and they were never as nice as these frozen ones from Marks and Spencer. So for those nights when you just can't be arsed, chuck some of these in the oven for 20 minutes. Job done.
M&S sweet potato chips
4. Misc
With the darker nights also comes some great TV. The Fall on BBC2 returned for a third series and it is brilliant. If you've not yet seen it but have seen the previous two series, this run is quite different but still tense and brilliantly acted.
If you haven't seen it Jamie Dornan (of 50 shades fame) is a serial killer. Gillian Anderson (of X files fame) is a high ranking police officer who is tasked to catch him.
Let me just say this will mess with your head a bit because to really fancy a serial killer goes against everything doesn't it...but you will!

I know I'm very late to The Walking Dead party but I'm on it now and the reason for lack of blog posts is due to me binge watching from series 1. I feel great pressure as all box sets on Sky say 'ends soon', so I'm trying to get through as many as poss before Sky annoyingly wipe them. It's tense, very gory, and has a lot of zoombies but it is addictive watching.

5. Fashion
My New Look grey coat which I featured in my recent Autumn Fashion haul post. This has proved more wearable than I first thought. I bought it as a work coat but I've been wearing it with jeans and my grey converse or boots and I love it. It kind of smartens up a casual look.
My friend has it in dark green and I've just seen that New Look are now doing it in a leopard print. (insert love heart eyed emoji here!).
new look longline coat
So there are my faves for this month. Happy Halloween/bonfire night/clocks going back to you all. Got to go.. The Walking Dead is calling!




  1. Lovely favourites! That grey coat looks lovely. Such a great piece :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  2. So far I've not really been a sweet potato convert, I just seem to be too attached to its sister but I might give these a try! :-D


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