Thursday, 10 November 2016

My Birthday Haul

One of my favourite things to watch on You Tube are "What I got for my birthday" videos. People are always very careful to disclaim that they are not posting these videos to show off but to give viewers ideas for things they might like. And so I'm doing the same, not by any means wanting to show off but to show you some of the lovely presents I got from my family, just in case you fancy getting one of these items for yourself or someone you know.
lean in 15
Lean in 15 meal planner - I've already got the first of The Body Coach's recipe books and even though I would never entertain actually doing the plan (too much effort and planning for me!), I do love loads of his easy to make, healthy but tasty meals. I've got a few recipes from the first book that I make over and over, so getting the second book will, hopefully, broaden my culinary repertoire, instead of having the chicken pie for lunch and dinner three days on the trot!
I received two of these gold effect jars. You can use them with candles inside, holding make up brushes, maybe flowers? These pretty pineapple shaped jars are from New Look. By the way New Look's home bits and pieces are really cute.
new look polishes
If you've been reading my blog for a little while, you will already know I love New Look polishes. These two colours are perfect for autumn/winter.
New Look Beauty relaunched this week and it looks stunning. I'll be doing a post soon on what I pick up this weekend.

I did also get a borg fur lined biker jacket from New Look but sadly the faux fur lining was shedding all over my clothes and the floor, so that's gone back and I'm now on the look out for another winter jacket.
Getting a candle as a present will never get old. You really can't go wrong. This big candle is from Primark and doesn't it have a Chanel look about it? I haven't lit it yet but it even gives off a lovely sweet, fresh aroma in its jar.
tanya burr calendar
Two things from the Tanya Burr range, the first of which is her beauty advent calendar. I did a recent post on 10 affordable Beauty Calendars available (click here) and this was the one which I was really excited about. If like me, you've never indulged in a beauty advent before, this is a good entry level without a big spend.
tanya burr beautifully defined
Tanya Burr Beautifully Defined face palette is gorgeous. I'm going to do a separate post on this with close up photos but I can tell you I've been using this all week and I adore it. Both the calendar and this palette are available from Superdrug.
whistles clutch
Whistles Clutch. Isn't she pretty? A classically simple rectangular clutch which I'm going to be able to use day or night time. This bag is a good size and will easily fit all my gubbins in, probably nothing too bulky though. Also has a zip right across the opening. When I look at this bag I can feel my pupils getting bigger.
pretty iconic
Pretty Iconic by Sali Hughes. If you love beauty products, like me, you will love this book. Sali features an array of cult classics, iconic products and products you've grown up with. It's a lovely book (although the font is small) and the photographs are gorgeous. 
This is making me giggle that I'm blogging about a duvet cover, from Asda. But hear me out - I love Asda duvet covers. They're cheap, well made and wash well (any street cred I ever had, has now gone!). The photo doesn't show this too well but it's a grey background with flowers and butterflies, which sounds hideous but it looks lovely on, not at all as garish as I've described and the grey background makes it feel so much warmer at this time of the year, than my usual all white bed linen.
My daughter very thoughtfully bought me this Blog Planner. It's like a blogger's notebook and I can't wait to spend some time transferring all my ideas and thoughts from the current four notebooks I'm using into this one book.
You may remember this Zara top from my summer wish list post, and although it might be a little while until I can wear it as the UK has gotten really cold, I love it. It's one of those items which are nicer in real life than on the website. I really like the sleeves on this. I like winter, but roll on when I can wear this top without under thermals.
zara top

zara top
I hope you like some of birthday gifts I received and that they maybe gave you some ideas. Thank you to all my amazing family and friends who spoilt me and made my birthday special.



  1. Ohhhh lovely pressies you lucky girl!

    1. I love everything. Especially the duvet cover!

  2. Tanya's advent calendar is so cute!
    Kathy x

    1. Isn't it. I know it's got a lot of glittery nail polishes but that's fine by me.
      Julie xx


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