Wednesday, 23 November 2016

I hit pan! (Empties worth a re-purchase?) #2

I've been trying to remember to save my empties containers, rather than putting them in to the recycling box (does anyone else find recycling strangely satisfying?) so I can tell you what I've used up and what I will be re-purchasing.
empty beauty products
La Roche-Posay Micellar Water - £11.00 from Boots
Yea it was fine, and I don't mean in the usual when a woman says "fine", they actually mean "so far from fine you better start running"! This removed make up, including eye make up, and was effective as a first cleanse. But I have to say my usual Garnier Micellar water is just as good but is only £3.00 ish, so value for money wise, I've gone back to Garnier.

Coleen Rothschild Beauty Water and Cleansing Balm - the Cleansing Balm is £46.00 from
Honestly if I had a spare £46 I would re-purchase this cleansing balm. It is without doubt the best cleansing product I have ever used. It's a balm which turns in to an oil when massaged on to skin. It is so effective at removing stubborn mascara, and without any irritation to my eyes. The smell is lovely. I have had to console myself by going back to using the Clinique Take the Day off cleansing balm. It's really good and at half the price (£22.00) it is well worth every penny. 
The Beauty Water was nice as well. I can't find it now, nor how much it is but I'm sure it's quite pricey and there are a lot of beauty water/facial spritzers out there which are really affordable. So long Coleen, it was good while it lasted..

Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser - £4.99
This was brilliant. Creamy, hydrating and smells fresh. I only used this as my morning cleanser so can't comment on its make up removal but I have no doubt it would be good. Unfortunately when I went to re-purchase this, it was sold out (you can buy it online by clicking the above affiliate link). So I bought the Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser, also from Superdrug. Honestly I can't tell the difference and can't call it on which one I prefer. The Naturally Radiant is currently only £2.95 (half price) at Superdrug. Which is a bargain compared to the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser.

Pixi Glow Tonic - £18.00 from M&S beauty
Nope I'm non plused by this. Everyone raves about it but it seems these people are all a lot younger than me, so I expect they still have glow in their youthful skin! I do really like a liquid exfoliator and I will continue to use a glycolic acid, but I do feel that there are much more affordable brands out there, that will do the same job.

Estee Lauder Day and Night cream
I got both these sample sizes at a blogger event I attended (you can read it here). They are both lovely, rich creams. Maybe a little too rich for my combination skin but they certainly didn't give me spots. I particularly liked the night cream. I'm not re-purchasing as I have a bit of a backlog of moisturisers but I would consider it, especially if I could buy them when Estee Lauder do one of their gift promotions.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation - £29.50
Already re-purchased. I love this foundation. It seems to get better as the day goes on. It's a full coverage matt but not dead flat matt formula. I just love it. Foundation, I have learnt from bitter experience, is the one thing I need to spend money on. And when you finally find the shade which suits you, in that particular brand, it's like a weight being lifted of your shoulders. You can rest easy.

Benefit Gimme Brow - £18.50
Already re-purchased and will continue to do so. The tiny brush on this makes this product. It means every brow hair is coated in the product, tamed in to place and stays that way, and all without over mess ("over mess" - when your make up goes beyond it's intended target e.g over lined lips, one brow being darker or more groomed than the other.. you get it).

Elvive Fibrology Dry Shampoo - £3.00
This smelt lovely, like a hair perfume rather than a dry shampoo but it did leave white dry shampoo dust in my hair, so for that alone I will not re-purchase.

Becca Backlight Priming Filter
I got this mini size in a Tili Beauty Box and it is really nice. It gives a subtle illuminating glow and works well as a primer. There was absolutely nothing wrong with this primer but for me, I need a mattifying primer. But if ever my sebum production eases up, I would definitely get this in the full size.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer £3.99 and Maybelline Age Rewind Eye Concealer £7.99
I've repurchased these two about four times over now and will continue to do so. For me these two are the perfect combo. I use the Collection for concealing redness around my nose, on my chin and in between my brows. The Maybelline I use for just under my eyes. Both these concealers are creamy, not at all drying, they don't sink or sit in lines and they are so affordable, I'm just not interested in trying anything more high end. There's just no need.

Elizabeth 8 Hour Balm
Although these tins are such a handy size (you can get them in Duty Free), the lid on this one and my new one keep getting stuck. I've tried to solve this by wiping some of the balm around the inside of the lid. To lube it up. And that helps. This balm will get your lips through winter like nothing else can. Great on cuticles as well.

This lot is going to fill up my recycling box and I hope it's helped you with some possible future purchases.



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  1. I also get a little thrill from dumping stuff into the recycling bins and I also loved this post ..always interesting to see/hear what you think of the product once you've REALLY used it...Thanks for sharing!


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