Sunday, 27 November 2016

Christmas pyjamas - My Top 10 Picks

Christmas pyjamas
A bit like Christmas Jumpers, I'm not really sure when Christmas Pyjamas became a thing, but I'm glad they have. If only because it's motivated me to get some matching, made for purpose, pyjamas rather than the frankly shameful concoctions I wear to bed (I'm talking leggings and oversized t-shirts or thermal tops).

And just like putting up your tree early, you can start wearing your festive nightwear from November onwards and some of my picks are more winter specific rather than Christmas, so their wear-ability goes beyond 25 December.

1. Oh Deer fleece pjs - Asda £16. I've seen these in store and they are lovely. I reckon a bit too warm to wear to bed but great as lounge wear.
2. I'm Santa's favourite - Asda £10. A subtle grown up pair of pjs.
3. OMG it's Christmas (Elf) - New Look £20
4. Grey Snow Scene - Asda £14
5. Catmus Pudding - Next £30
6. Peanuts (Snoopy) - Asda £18
7. Moose pjs - Next £25
8. Xmas Puddings - Boohoo £18
9. Mummy Pig - Asda £16 (I've included these because I don't think Mummy Pig gets enough recognition and she's married to a complete idiot..)
10. Xmas pudding boobies - New Look £15

I reckon Christmas shoes will start being a thing next year...




  1. love the mummy pig ones! I have the Elf ones very similar to the new look ones, but mine were from Tesco - LOVE THEM!
    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. Ohh I keep meaning to look in Tesco. I used to work close to one and always liked f&f. Thanks for commenting Erin. Xx

  2. These are all fab, I have 2 new pairs of PJ's from Next for going to hospital and recovering and they are both so comfy and have washed really well so can highly recommend Next PJ's and those moose ones are lovely! The comment about mummy pig made me laugh xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. I hope you're recovering well Zoe and resting up. The moose ones are lovely aren't they and will go beyond Xmas. I've been watching a lot of peppa pig with my nephew so I feel qualified to make a comment on the state of their marriage! Haha. Take care lovely. Xx


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