Friday, 21 October 2016

Stylist Live event

stylist live
So last Saturday I took myself off to Stylist Live at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London. I've been a regular (online) reader of Stylist magazine for over a year now. Stylist magazine is given out free to London commuters but as I don't live in London, I was happy to catch up via the digital version. Unfortunately this is no longer available due to some messing about that Apple has done to the previously available Newsstand. But you can get the mag sent to you on a subscription basis and of course they have a website.

I've always really liked the Stylist layout, short snappy features on fashion and beauty and was disappointed that I didn't hear about Stylist Live last year until after the event.
I could have booked an 'early bird' ticket for this year's show for £5.00 but dithered for too long and so had to get the standard ticket of £25.00. But I can say this is money well spent. I loved the event, and for so many reasons.

Going to things like this, I am always a bit anxious and apprehensive and I always feel like I'll be the only person there on my own. But once I had rocked up to the Business Design Centre, I felt at ease. This event is professional, well spread out and HUGE. I really was worried it would be like a girl's version of the Ideal Home Show (which I found to be rubbish and not the interior design inspiration I was hoping for). There are all manner of stands, from fashion (cool brands too not weird "a dress you can wear 16 ways" type stands), beauty (lots of beauty), jewellery, stationery, food...

The other thing I loved about Stylist Live is that included in the ticket price, you can book yourself on to one talk and one fashion show. I booked myself in for Pixiwoo's talk. This took place in a large seated auditorium and although it was completely full, I managed to get a good seat with full view of Sam and Nic. I really enjoyed listening to their talk and views on the beauty and You Tube industry.
pixiwoo stylist live
After Pixiwoo's talk I was booked in for one of the fashion show showings but I really wanted to go along to the talk "Living Single-the new happily ever after". You can go along to other talks you aren't booked on and once all the pre-booked people have gone in, any spare seats are given to people waiting in the not booked line. However, this talk was hugely popular and straight away I could see that the queue of non booked were not all going to get in, so I took myself off to the fashion show.
stylist live fashion show
Now I've never been to a proper fashion show before but I've seen enough on TV and in magazines to know that the Stylist Live show was proper, with bench seating in long rows and moody looking models, I really felt like I was part of the fashion pack! The great thing about the show was there were a variety of themes and all clothes were high street.
stylist live

stylist live
There were lots of really tasty looking food stalls as well for lunch but unfortunately once I'd realised I was hungry it was late lunch time and the queues were long.

I would definitely recommend Stylist Live and I will be going again next year. I'm going to try and go on a week day (this year the event ran from Thursday to Sunday), not because Saturday was too busy but because I would love to try and get in to more than one talk. 
Stylist - if you're listening (as if!) please could you open up the booking to more than one talk - I'd be happy to pay for additional talks, thanks.



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