Thursday, 13 October 2016

Autumn fashion haul (coats, shoes and a bag)

new look embroidered bag
I've picked up a few things recently but I didn't know what to call the post. So please excuse the lack of a snappy title but I hope you like the pieces I picked up.

This year I've decided I love autumn. After another pretty non eventful UK summer and not getting to wear half my summer wardrobe, Autumn brings a new lease of life in the fashion arena - thin knits, tights, jackets and possibly even scarves.. Oh the joy. In Autumn you can embrace rusts, aubergines and greys before the drudge of winter kicks in and you don't care what you're wearing as long as it's fleece lined and polo necked (or is that just me?!).

New Look Longline Jacket
I wanted to get a new coat this year, specifically for work and knew exactly what I wanted. I saw this grey longline coat in New Look and it was exactly what I wanted. Well to a point. The problem with the regular size is I felt it was too long on my 5ft 4" frame, I wanted a coat that I could also wear with jeans. Then I had a genius idea. Go for the petite version!
new look longline jacket

new look longline jacket
When it gets colder I will wear an oversized scarf with the coat, to keep my neck covered up and the coat itself is fairly warm. Two deep pockets and a slit at the back.
The coat comes in a variety of colours and is £34.99, you can get it by clicking here.**

Pimkie Leather Look Biker Jacket
I've wanted a new "pleather" (my sister's word - means pretend leather!) jacket but not a traditional biker with the collars and off centre zip. Reason being the last one I bought like this, one of the stupid collars turns in and it makes it look odd.

This pleather jacket is such great value at £29.99 from Asos. It fits well and although it's a bargain, thankfully doesn't have the same cheap jacket squeakiness like my one from H&M (the one with the turned in collar!).

I also really like the detail on the shoulders.
pimkie jacket

pimkie jacket

pimkie jacket

New Look Dark red Velvet Block Heeled Shoes
new look dark red velvet shoes
I had these shoes on my Autumn Wants post and just had to get them. The heel is the perfect height and they look so good with jeans. Yes the backs did rub my heel a little but that was when I wore them without any footsies.

Still available for £19.99 from New Look**

Topshop Slip on Trainers
I got some of these easy to wear slip on "trainers" from Topshop two years ago and have worn them to death. These ones are like a suede effect, with a mock croc pattern.
These have a really comfortable sole but are not as comfortable around the toes as my battered old ones. I'll wear them in though, and they're only £20.00. Available here. 
topshop slip on trainers
New Look Embroidered Bag
This has become my favourite and most useful bag. I love that it's not just a plain black cross the body bag and although not large, the depth of the bag means I can get my purse, glasses, phone and camera in quite easily.  Available from New Look ** for £15.99
New look embroidered bag
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  1. Loving everything you got! The bag is such a neat one. Love the embroidery on it :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  2. Still love the velvet heels and the hearty coat especially!

  3. I absolutely love the coat and the bag. I have a coat similar to that but in a darker grey and I wear it all the time especially during Autumn and Winter. The bag is gorgeous and such a great small statement piece :)
    Kathy x

    1. Ohh I bet your coat in a darker grey looks lovely. I absolutely love this little bag.
      Julie x


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