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A Winter Survival Guide - 7 things to keep you warm and protected against the cold

winter survival guide
At last the weather in the UK has turned colder. Which means layers, having the heating on, hearty meals and getting in to hibernation mode. I love it. 

As well as stocking up on knitwear and possibly a new winter coat, what other things do you need to keep you snug and warm and your skin hydrated and protected from those prevailing north winds? Here are the 7 things I reach for as we approach winter.

1. Hand cream
I always use a hand cream after washing my hands but during the colder months, I find not only my palms but the skin around my nails gets so dry. I make sure I have hand cream everywhere - by the sinks at home, on my desk at work and one in my handbag. I'm quite fussy about what hand cream I use as I can't stand really sickly sweet scents and the cream needs to be thick enough to keep my hands moisturised for hours but not leave a sticky or greasy residue. 
Cowshed Cow Pat hand cream (£8.00 from M&S) ticks all the boxes. It's a really thick consistency of cream but sinks in quickly and leaves no residue. And the scent is refreshing, comforting and not sickly thanks to the essential oils of grapefruit and coriander.
cowshed cow pat
2. Lip balm/oil
I've been using Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream for years now. It's one of the few things that works to keep my lips soft and chap free. I always try to pick up one of these handy tins, which I have only seen in Duty Free but I'm sure you can get them elsewhere. (You can - £10 from Amazon). This lip protectant is also brilliant for dry cuticles and heels!
I'm also currently using a Kiko Lip Oil. Lip Oils are great at keeping lips hydrated. Lip oils are not like lip gloss, they're not sticky or tacky. I also like to use a lip oil on top of matt lipsticks.
elizabeth arden 8 hour cream
3. Gloves
Bit obvious I suppose but at the first sign of a chill in the air, out come my gloves. Nothing fancy (after a rather nasty incident which involved a lovely pair of M&S leather baby pink gloves and a split dog poo bag-the bag was full!!).
I picked up some cheap as chips fleece gloves from Asda George and these have served me well as I find some wool gloves still have gaps in which the cold can get through. I also have some extra long gloves (think wooly evening gloves). These are great for closing that wrist gap when wearing coats which don't have full length sleeves.

4. Cosy tights
I discovered these fleece lined cosy tights a few years ago and they seriously changed my life. It was at a time when I was working in the most stunning but freezing office ever and these extra thick lined tights were the only thing that kept me going. These tights also got me through four days in New York in February, where it was so cold your breath froze.
I stock up on Primark's cosy tights (300 denier £3.50) but Asda also do them and they are slightly better quality. Because these tights are so thick, they're proper black tights, which I love. 
primark cozy tights
5. Vests
I love vests more than I love cosy tights. Well ok maybe on a par. I honestly only stop wearing vests in late June. I love how they keep you warm and you can wear a loose top without a draft. You can wear a vest under a sheer top, for decency. You can wear a vest under a deep V necked jumper to add another layer. Wearing a vest is like having a day long cuddle. It needs to be quite a snug fitting vest, not too low at the front and lycra is always a friend. Asos do good vests.

6. Facial Mist
With central heating whacked up inside and then the cold weather outside, it's no wonder that everyone's skin takes a bit of a battering in winter. The key is to keep your skin as hydrated as possible. A facial mist is great for on the go hydration. I use a mist after cleansing and before moisturiser (the moisturiser locks in the mist spray) and then throughout the day. Not only does it re-hydrate your face but it freshens make up as well.
Currently I'm using  Rodial Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic tonic (which I got in a recent beauty box).
Rodial Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic
7. Night Oil
I have combination skin and am on a life long search for products that will mattify my t-zone. Using a night oil has done wonders for the texture of my skin. Massaging in a facial oil at night is not only relaxing and calming, facial massage is so good for the skin. And doesn't leave skin greasy or oily at all. The morning after I've applied a night oil, I can always see a noticeable difference - my skin is clearer, brighter and smoother.
The B range from Superdrug Antioxidant Boost Facial Oil is an affordable great oil, available here for £13.99.
Superdrug Antioxidant Boost Facial Oil

Have you got any winter saviours that get you through the cold months, let me know.




  1. Love this post! I couldn't live without my Primark fleece lined tights in the winter, will have to check out the Asda ones you mentioned. I've heard Elizabeth Arden 8 hour stuff is really good and I've been thinking of investing lately as my vaseline just isn't doing it for my lips, will look on Amazon. Thanks for the tips! x

    1. Hi Emily. Thanks so much for your comment. I used Vaseline for years but now & then would still get chapped lips. I don't with 8 hr cream and the tin or a tube lasts for ages. Xx

  2. Definitely going to check out the tights... You almost make me look forward to the dreary season! :-)

  3. I have not tried any of these skin care products! The Elizabeth Arden cream sounds so nice :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

    1. Hi Sarah.
      Thanks for your comment. The 8 hour cream is really good.
      Julie xx


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