Sunday, 25 September 2016

Two Tea dresses for Autumn

asos tea dress
I've made a decision not to wear jeans all the time. This pretty big decision was made as a result of the current Tea Dress trend. They are so pretty, flattering and I love a long sleeve dress, especially for autumn/winter.

I ordered this Asos Tea Dress because I'm going to an early evening event next week and I want to be more dressed up than my usual jeans and boots but not overly dressed up as it will still be day time.
This Tea Dress has all the details - a pretty vintage floral design, ruffles on the sleeves and collar bone area, nipped in at the waist and falls to just on the knee. There is a collar and buttons down to the waist. This dress also has a hidden side zip.

The dress is almost showing up as a dark blue but it is in fact black. I am in love with this dress and will wear it with a leather jacket and black ankle boots.
Asos tea dress
Asos tea dress
This dress is £38.00 from Asos. Here's the link. 

Spurred on by my new found love of the pretty dress, I picked this one up from New Look.
New Look floral shirt dress
Strictly speaking this is a shirt dress, but as the buttons don't go all the way to the hem - I'm calling it as a Tea Dress! Again this has a lovely collar and buttons down to the waistline, as well as a hidden side zip. There are small ruffles either side of the band that holds the buttons.
You can't really tell from the photo but there is a thin material belt that ties around the waist as well.
Initially I wasn't sure about this dress as the top part seemed a bit too big for me, like my boobs should be double D's to fill it (if only!). But the waist fits me so I can't go smaller but as long as I keep remembering to pull the top bit down, it'll be ok.
The dress is £29.99, here's the link. 
new look shirt dress
The pretty floral autumn patterns on both of these dresses are so appealing and even when it gets colder, I'm going to wear a cropped cardigan over the dresses. Granny chic in full effect!

(both the links in this post are affiliate links - if you click on the links and purchase, I will receive the tiniest of commission, I'm talking pence but please also feel free to go on to the websites featured directly or in to Store).



  1. I love both the dresses they look lovely on you, I need to change my wardrobe up a bit I wear leggings far too much xx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. See I wear jeans all the time. I don't really know why as they're not even comfy! Haha.
      Julie X


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