Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Kiko Sale Picks

kiko sale picks
If I see a Kiko, I have to go in. Their make up and skincare is so affordable but also really good, generally. And more often than not they have either offers or a mini sale on, or both. Their sale items are even more affordable, so I always have a peruse and pick up a few things I don't really need but would be silly to walk away from at that price!

A week ago, I popped in to Kiko just before attending the Estee Lauder blogger's event and picked up three items. I'm not sure if you call three bits a haul but nevertheless I wanted to let you know about them.

City Filter Suncreen - £6.40
I've started using retinol products at night because they are supposed to be THE anti-ageing ingredient that actually works (I'll get back to you on this). But when using retinol at night, it makes your skin very sun sensitive the next day so you must make sure you wear some sort of SPF - either a standalone or within your day moisturiser. Caroline Hirons (skincare guru) recommends wearing a standalone SPF every day anyway but I'm not too up on facial SPFs that are light enough to wear under make up. Of course I wear a facial SPF on holiday but that's when that's all that's on my face and they tend to be quite thick. A lot of the standalone daily SPFs that Caroline recommends are obviously really good but pricey.

I picked up the City Filter SPF 50 in the sale and this is specifically for the face and to be worn as a filter, under make up, and not instead of specific sun protection (so not when you are sun bathing).

Elizabeth Arden have recently brought out a similar product called Prevage City Smart. It's £55.00.

The Kiko City Filter is a light cream which sinks in quickly, has a slight hint of scent and is also a primer so you don't need to use a separate primer when using this.
kiko city filter
Sparkling Trail Eyeshadow - £6.90 (shade 02)
When I swatched this in store, I was blown away. Put straight on it was a rich brown, blended out a little - a muted brown, blended out even more and I was left with a sparkling trail of small glittery bits. I had to have it. However, this obviously didn't want to leave the shop and come home with me because when I swatched it at home to take a photo, it was a muddy brown. And when I blended it out the colour completely disappeared, like not a trace and although there was a bit of sparkling trail left, the fallout around and under my eyes was ridiculous. Not good.
kiko sparkling trail
Eye shadow (shade 118-Pearly Beige Silk) - £2.90
Believe it or not £2.90 is the normal price for this single eye shadow, so I always pick up a new shade when I pop in because they are such great value, they come in a sturdy case and are quite long lasting.
This shade is a light champagne colour and what I like about it is its a great base for the days when I don't want to wear any colour on my lids but still want coverage for any darkness. This has a hint of shimmer but just light catching not chunky bits, and there is no fall out. Like.
kiko eye shadow 118
Do you have another favourites from Kiko that I need to try out - let me know.




  1. I love the double touch lipsticks, I have one and it is so long lasting and a lovely shade too, their lip liners are also really good and I have a blush/bronzer in one that is lovely. I love the eye shadow pencil and shadow you bought they both look like shades I would get a lot of wear out of xx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  2. I so badly wish Kiko would makes it's way over to little old NZ! I see so many nice products like that eyeshadow and I just want to buy so many things haha!!
    Kathy x

  3. I have a lovely shade a bit similar to your shadow, no' 140, a sort of neutral-ish pale pink with sparkly bits...not quite neutral enough for when you don't want any sparkle but a lovely shade, so think I might have a new excuse for a another shade when I'm next near one! Thank you!


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