Sunday, 4 September 2016

Autumn wants

Autumn wants
I think we can safely say that Autumn has arrived! I say this with some authority as I've just had to go and put my fleecey jacket on, I'm considering turning the heating on and I've already had two spiders in the house (I love autumn but I do not like that it's also house spider season!).

I'm starting to see lots of lovely jumpers, coats and general cosiness hitting the shops, which I love and having spent quite a few hours on the net recently looking for an autumn midi dress, I came across a few other gems that caught my eye.

1. Black Rose embroidery jeans from New Look - £29.99
You can also get these in a non-ripped knee version, which I think are the ones I'm going to go for. No cold knees in the winter then! These will look great with a red or green baggy cropped jumper and black ankle boots.

2. Suede effect jacket in khaki from Zara - £59.99
My search for a leather (look) biker jacket continues and although I have a few, they are either not the right fit anymore or I feel the style is a bit outdated currently. And then I saw this suede effect biker jacket in Zara. This is a great alternative to a leather style, it's a softer look both in texture and colour. Khaki is everywhere at the moment and this muted shade will go with everything and is the perfect autumn jacket. Worn with an oversized scarf wrapped around your neck, this will also see through winter, especially on shopping trips when you don't want to be too warm.

3. Dark red velvet block heel shoes from New Look - £19.99
I couldn't wait any longer and have ordered these, so you might see them in a future favourites post. I love everything about these shoes - the colour, they're velvet, the block heel, the ankle strap which not only looks good when you can see your ankle but keeps the shoe firmly on. I think these will look as good with jeans and trousers as well as skirts. I'm thinking a thick grey wool a-line skirt and a burgundy roll neck jumper... cozy...

4. Patchwork dress from Marks & Spencer - £39.50
This dress looks better in the pictures on the model. 
I love the bright autumn colours of the pattern. And the shape is easy to wear, comfortable but still has structure to it. Imagine this dress with the red velvet shoes..

5. Embroidered check top from Zara - £29.99
As well as loving stripes, I love gingham. Gingham dresses, tops, tea towels, anything. I've been in to two different Zara stores to pick this up but couldn't find it anywhere and of course there was no one to ask - the one member of staff was on the till serving the 30 strong queue, as seems to be standard for all Zara stores! So this will be an online order.
A great top for wearing with jeans, I love the looseness of the shape and worn with skinny blue jeans, this will look brilliant. Oh hang on, thought, and the red velvet shoes!

I hope some of these autumn wants have got you in the mood to embrace the change of season.




  1. I would kill for those shoes....LOVE them!!!! This has made me feel a teeny tiny bit better about the season change which gets me gloomy beyond reason every year!

    1. Oh good. There's no fighting it, summer has left the building!

  2. I love all these, I am in need of some new clothes and love these, I shall be checking them out for sure xx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. Thanks Zoe. I'm excited about the shoes in particular.
      Julie X

  3. The Suede effect jacket so nice!! Definitely aan autumn wear
    Kathy x

  4. A midi dress will be a perfect variant for the autumn weather! And my favourite lace black midi dress is a comfortable bodycon fit which I'll never want to take it off!


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