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Estee Lauder - a Blogger's event and re-discovering the brand

estee lauder
So last Thursday evening I went to The Mall at Cribbs Causeway, Bristol to attend an Estee Lauder Blogger's Event held at the Scavi & Ray Prosecco Bar. This event had been organised by the lovely ladies from the Estee Lauder counter in Boots in The Mall. I had a really fantastic evening meeting the Estee ladies, other bloggers, learning about Estee Lauder products and re-discovering a brand that I have known about for years but that had fallen in to the background for me.

I did not know what an absolutely sassy, independent, strong minded and willed woman Estee Lauder was. A woman after my own heart. This woman single-handedly took on a male dominated industry (and world, at that time) because she truly believed that women should be able to have access to good skincare. And even though initially many doors were shut in her face, she persevered and continued on, starting with only four products. And as you know Estee Lauder is now a worldwide brand.

Unfortunately though like many reliable, trusted products, Estee Lauder for me has been off my radar for a while. I had taken it for granted and forgotten about it. I do not know why because the two products I've used previously - Advanced Night Repair and the Double Wear Foundation were game changers for me. So to attend this event and have the Estee Lauder experts demo and talk through each product being used really brought them to life. And whilst I was lucky to attend such an event, I know from experience that the counter staff on the Estee Lauder counters are so helpful. They take the time to listen to your needs, talk you through products and they are a great believer in giving out free samples for you to take away and really try out a product before you commit to purchasing a full size.

Along with the other lovely bloggers at the event, I was lucky to be given a goodie bag full of products that I could try out at home, which I've been doing and can now talk you through.
estee lauder
I got two sample sizes and both of them are absolutely gorgeous. I cannot decide between them as to which one I'm going to buy. I'm not really a perfume person, I can take it or leave it but both of these make me want to keep sniffing my wrists!

Modern Muse Eau de Parfum - this has notes of Jasmine and Sleek Woods and is subtle and sweet with a very slightly woody scent. Rubbish description I know, you have to smell this to appreciate it. It is not over powering but has an intriguing lingering scent.

Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss - this is a fruity, flowery, spicy scent. I think this is my favourite. It reminds me of summer evenings on holiday, when you're sat outside and feel all fresh and glowing from a day in the sun.

Take it Away makeup remover - this is a water based light lotion but still capable of removing longwear and waterproof make up. It smells so refreshing. Everything from Estee Lauder smells unique and divine. I cannot stop sniffing myself!

Advanced Night Repair - if you haven't used this ground breaking night serum yet - you must. It is pricey but it does last for a long time as you only need the tiniest bit and it works, really works. You will wake up and notice a difference in your skin.

Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules - these cute little gel ampoules (the ones that look like tiny bowling pins) are filled with the Intensive Recovery Concentrate. Use one of these after Advanced Night repair and before your night moisturiser for those times when your skin is irritated or stressed and needs calming. These will be great after a day in the sun for an intense soothing.

NightWear Plus - this is a lightweight but powerful and hydrating night cream, which you can use after Advanced Night Repair. This cream is packed full of anti-oxidants to repair, detoxify and protect against the signs of premature ageing.

DayWear - a light day moisturiser that has a broad spectrum SPF 15. What I love about this is the size I have - 15ml, you can also buy this size for £12.00. This is a great way to try this day cream or it's the perfect size for a week away. Another fresh smelling cream which is a pleasure to put on.

Make up
Little Black Primer - this is a three way eyelash primer. You can use it to put on before your mascara as a primer, or as it's tinted, worn on it's own tinted or you can use this as a waterproofing top coat. So you can put this on top of your normal mascara and it will make your lashes waterproof and smudgeproof!

Matte Perfecting Primer - this mattifying, pore minimising, pore-disguising primer is going to be great for my combination skin. I haven't started using this yet but have swatched it and it's got a nice non-greasy or silicone feeling texture.

Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick - now I'm excited about this new foundation. I've used Double Wear before and really liked it. This new version comes in a handy stick with a sponge on the end for application (the sponge can also be easily removed for cleaning). This gives a sheer to medium buildable coverage, with a healthy looking glow. I have started using this and like it so far. I might need to ramp up the coverage for me, but certainly towards the end of the day my face had a nice glow to it, and the foundation had still covered the areas I wanted, redness etc.

Two other products that caught my eye are the now famous foil sheet mask, as used by Victoria Beckham - the Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Powerfoil Mask.
estee lauder powerfoil masl
And the Genuine Glow - a tri-brid moisture balm which hydrates, primes and perfects skin. I swatched this on the back of my hand and it left a lovely subtle glow. I love multi purpose products and this is one for my shopping list.
estee lauder genuine glow
And so lovely are the ladies at Estee Lauder in Boots at The Mall, Cribbs Causeway - as well as offering friendly, helpful advice, they will also give my readers a free gift if you pop along there and purchase an item from their range. All you need to do is show them the below voucher - no need to print it off, you can just screen shot it from this post and take it along with you.
estee lauder voucher
Go on, treat yourself and re-discover Estee Lauder.




  1. The goodie bag looks great, it's a great way of trying new things :) I have the little black primer and I love it, it stops all mascara from smudging and is brilliant for days when I don't want to wear makeup but just need something xx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  2. Oooooh lots of lovely freebies! I must admit EL for me is an *slight clear of the throat, older ladies brand but after my youngest mentioned it the other day which surprised me (I'm guessing Kendall Jenner in one of the ads might have something to do with that!)I might have to wander past next time I'm near one.

  3. ​Estee Lauder Modern Muse for women is quite famous for it's availability and the gorgeous notes of this fragrance. The notes of Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss also look so amazing though I never take the scent of this perfume. I will definitely buy this perfume for my wife from my local store named BPIB. Thanks for sharing this post.


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