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Balance Active Formula - High performance skincare at realistic prices?

Balance Active Formula Dragon's Blood
For too long now we, the consumer, have been led to believe that high performance skincare, with quality ingredients can only be purchased for big bucks. Brands are appealing to those of us who are looking for that product that can give us wrinkle free, age spot free, young looking smooth, taut skin. And people will spend what they can in pursuit of this. But does paying £150.00 for a pot of moisturiser really give you £145.00 worth of results more than a £5.00 cream? 

Prior to starting to this blog I had never really used high end skincare, apart from the occasional duty free purchase of Chanel! But in the last few months I've been lucky enough to be able to test out some really expensive skincare. And it was nice, it was ok. So I was really intrigued when I was asked if I would like to try out Balance Active Formula's Dragon's Blood range*, with all three skincare items coming in at under £5.00 each!
Balance Active Formula Dragon's Blood - The Range
What I like straight off about this range is there are three products. That's it, so it takes no time at all to complete your after cleansing routine. And you use all three of these morning and night, so no need for separate night time products.

1. Lifting Serum - this non greasy serum comes in a handy pipette bottle which you smooth all over your face and neck after cleansing. The serum dries almost instantly and doesn't leave an annoying sticky residue. The serum is said to give intense lifting and tightening, so that your skin looks lifted and firmer and smooths lines and wrinkles appear reduced. Does it? Yes. After every use I can feel a very, very slight tightening - so not at all uncomfortable. My face looks smoother and clearer. I don't have loads of wrinkles, only really a deep frown line but I am sure that with continued use of this, I will be able to keep any increasing fine lines reduced.
balance active formula lifting serum
2. Lifting Cream - a light creamy moisturiser that has a lovely subtle sweet scent. The consistency of this cream is great for my combination skin. Just like the serum, the Lifting Cream is said to firm and tighten skin, so that it looks lifted and toned and leaves skin feeling hydrated and wrinkles appear reduced. My skin does feel hydrated all day and I can't decide if it's the cream or the serum (or probably both) but I have had a red patch on my upper lip area for a few weeks now and nothing was easing it. I've been using the Dragon's Blood range day and night for three weeks now and the red patch has completely gone.
balance active formula lifting cream

3. Eye Lift Balm - just like the Lifting Cream, this is a light creamy moisturiser to use which absorbs fast and leaves the eye area feeling cooled.  The cream is said to leave the eye area looking lifted and firmer and lines and wrinkles appear reduced. I don't always bother with an eye cream but I have been using this religiously and my under eye area feels noticeably softer and smoother.
balance active formula eye lift cream
What is Dragon's Blood?
As much as I would love for this revolutionary ingredient to be actual Dragon's Blood (Game of Thrones fan!), it is actually the commonly referred to name for Croton Lechleri - a tree which grows in the Amazon. The sap from the tree is blood red in colour and is used for its skin healing properties and skin cell protection. 

As well as Dragon's Blood, the other active ingredient is Liftonin Xpress, and these two together are the key to this remarkable, affordable skincare range which delivers on the claims it makes.

More details on the Balance Active Formula range can be found at and you can purchase the range at 

So yes, you can get high performance skincare at realistic prices.



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