Monday, 29 August 2016

August 2016 Favourites

august 2016 favourites
What a busy month August has been, it's flown by for me. August has been full of trips to events in London, family birthdays - including my daughter's 19th and August was the month I posted my first personal post, which you can read here. 

So here's my favourites things from this month:

1. Make up
rosie for autograph eyeshawdow palette
This stunner is the Rosie for Autograph eyeshadow palette in Copper Gold Rush and is available from M&S for £18.00.

My lovely daughter bought this for me as a little gift to say how proud she is of me blogging. Gulp, how sweet is that, and also because she was probably getting fed up of me making a bee line to stare adoringly at this every time I'm meant to be just quickly nipping in to M&S to get food!

This palette has replaced my Stila palette as my everyday favoured go to eye palette. All of the shades are so easy to apply, blendable and buildable. My favourite is the top left one, this shade really warms up my eye lids and gives a subtle "made up" look without being too in your face.
2. Skincare
asda shaving gel
Ok, I'm well aware I'm probably the last woman to have started using shaving gel! Up until recently normal shower gel did just fine for when I shaved but then I started to get sore red spots on my legs where I had shaved. They were so unsightly, I didn't get my legs out. And then as it got hotter, I realised this wasn't right. A trawl of Google prescribed shaving rash, and as I was using a new razor, it could only be that I was not using shaving gel.

And since I've been using this cheap but effective shaving gel from Asda, no more rash, at all. Who knew! And there was me poo pooing shaving gel for woman for years thinking it was just another marketing ploy.
3. Food
Florentines, why have I only just discovered you? Actually, thank goodness I've only just discovered you! 
These ridiculously moreish, chewy, chocolately, nutty discs of naughty but niceness are my current guilty pleasure. And to be honest they might bankrupt me. At £3.50 for a box of only eight (Thomas J Fudge available at Waitrose), it would be cheaper if I started drinking Dom Perignon!
4. Misc
new look watch
I am so chuffed with this watch from New Look. I used to wear a nice watch all the time, like couldn't leave the house without a watch and I don't remember when I stopped but after many years of going watchless, I decided to pick up a cheap one just to see how I get on wearing a watch again and then invest in something better.

This New Look watch was only £12.99 and is not too dissimilar from the very popular Oliver Burton watches. I love the rose gold face, beige strap - which goes with any colour outfit and most importantly I love that I can read the face without the need for my glasses! 
5. Fashion
new look ankle grazer jeans
I think I picked these New Look Ankle Grazer Turn Ups at the same time as the watch and to say I've worn them to death would be an understatement this month. I've worn them to nearly every blogging event I've been too, either casually with flats or more dressed up with open toe shoe boots and a loose bardot top. 
These jeans are the perfect mix of skinny fit, fairly high waisted, and with the stitched in turn ups, show off your ankles which I think looks so good - ankle bones, the cleavage of the leg!
I got these for £22.99 but I've just seen they're on sale at £13.70. Grab them here. 

I hope you liked my favourites and if you know where else I can get a florentine hit - let me know!




  1. That palette looks stunning! I love the little rose detailing. I also like your watch :)

    Nicole | In The Life of NM

  2. I love a good basic pair of jeans, they just work well with so many occasions.
    Kathy x

  3. Shower Gel for shaving?! Julie! Gasp! Tut! ;-) Great post!


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