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Should older bloggers attend blog events?

 jewellery box
As you probably already know, blogging has sky rocketed. Everyone wants a piece of the action and that includes me. Yes this is my hobby but it's a hobby which is all consuming, exciting, challenging and fun. 

I didn't even know there was such a thing as blogger events and meets. I had assumed that blogging was a solitary past time but I couldn't have been more wrong. If you want it, blogging can be a very socialable hobby. Granted a lot of interactions are online, from taking part in Twitter chats, blogging Facebook groups, liking, re-tweeting and commenting on Twitter and Instagram posts. (There is no greater thrill than getting a comment or re-tweet on a social media post).

So after attending the brilliant 30-40 Blogger meet in May, I started looking around for other events that I could go along to. But I was a bit put off as most of the events I found were obviously only appealing to younger bloggers and not the likes of me. God knows why. It wobbled my confidence a bit when I saw some of the event photos afterwards and saw that the average age was probably 23!

The Event - #bigbloggerexpo
When I saw the Big Blogger Expo tickets go up, I decided to get a ticket. What was the worst that could happen and so far everyone who I have had any interaction with to do with blogging, has been really kind and friendly.

I nearly didn't get to the event though as there were long delays on the M4 and we had to divert through Bracknell and then I got a train in from Wandsworth. (Thanks to my sister Emily who gave me a lift and was probably more panicked than me!). I had messaged the organiser, Lauren, and she replied straight away saying not to worry and I could turn up whenever I was able to.

The Big Blogger Expo was held in the Danubius Hotel near Regent's Park in London and the event was located across two rooms and a lobby area. Lauren had emailed out perfect directions and I could see the Hotel as soon as I got out of the tube station.

When I walked in (eventually and after trying a locked door several times!), it was busy and there was a real buzz with lots of bloggers there. 

There was a nice number and mix of brands there and what we all had to do was go and talk to each of the brands to find out more about them. All the brand reps were really friendly and chatty, even though they probably had to do the same chat many, many times over. We also got some freebies from some of the brands, which was a lovely bonus and something I wasn't expecting. 

I didn't manage to take many photos as it was so busy and also because I wanted to talk to the brands and felt it rude to be taking photos whilst they were explaining their products!
jewellery box
A jewellery brand that I have just discovered. Their range is cute, affordable and quirky. They have dinosaur pendant necklaces, which really appeal to my inner Jurassic Park fan!
borough box
Borough Box
An online food and drink retailer that sell gourmet items as stand alone gifts or as part of one of their boxes or hampers. They also do subscription boxes.
living proof
Living Proof
A haircare range which comes in such cool packaging. I've used their Nourishing Styling cream previously and it is gorgeous, so I was really excited to be given a sample of their new dry shampoo and humidity shield spray.

Dr Pawpaw
I've heard about how good the Dr Pawpaw original balm is - a bit like the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream but much more affordable and I was chuffed to not only get an original balm but also the tinted red and pink lip and cheek balms as well.

Heaven Skincare by Deborah Mitchell
I only got to chat to these ladies quickly but this range really appealed to me and particularly their emphasis for anti-ageing. And I was given a full size silk skin beebee cream, which I'm looking forward to using on holiday, especially as it has a SPF 20.

Other brands were: 

Juvadent - Aesthetic Practitioners who specialise in Botox and dermal filler treatments
Westlab - Bath salts
Bonnie Boo - Baby gift hampers
Jody Bell - Fashion and accessories range
Two Three - Fashion and accessories range
4 by You - Lip plumper, lash enhancer and eye cream
Brandbassador - a platform which connects brands and bloggers

Age range
Blogger wise, yes the majority were younger than me but I did see some older bloggers there and I certainly didn't feel unwelcome or that this wasn't for me. 

The event ran from 2.00-5.00pm. I got there just after 3.00pm, due to the M4, and I felt this was a perfect amount of time for me to get round and talk to all the brands.

What I wore
Ankle grazer jeans and a loose bardot top, both from New Look. And my new Toms Sandals. I felt really comfortable in this outfit, I wasn't under-dressed and it was great for the sweaty mad skip/run that I did from the tube as I was running late!

I don't want this to come across as ageist (especially as I work in HR!) but I have to say a massive well done to Lauren and everyone else from LDNmeetup, you arranged a well thought out, well organised, fun event which was open to all ages and you should be incredibly proud of yourselves. I know people two to three times your age who couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery! 

So if you're an older blogger like me, or any age, or in fact if there is something you are thinking about going to and you're not sure because you're going on your own or you're not sure if you will "fit in" - do it. It'll either be better than you thought, or you know what, if it's not - I'll bet you'll have a funny story to tell!



  1. Fair play to you for going...We applaud you girl! X

  2. I must admit I do avoid events where I think I'll be old enough to be everybody else's mum, although occasionally I have gone along and been pleasantly surprised. The problem is that many brands don't want older bloggers there as they don't see themselves as being aimed at people like us. So often you see photos from blogger events and there are no faces over 30, very little diversity, nobody over a size 10 and everybody's got the same long flowing hair. And then you know that that brand has been very selective in who they choose to engage with, and they're not interested in the likes of us. More fool them, because we have a lot to bring to the party.

    1. I know exactly what you mean Joanne. There was a local event to me and I nearly went but was so glad I didn't when I saw the photos. I would have felt really out of place, especially it was a small gathering. I think that's the key-larger events. I went to the 30-40+ blogger meet and that was brilliant as it was just for us older bloggers. Catherine from Not Dressed as Lamb organised it. She's hopefully doing another.
      Thanks for your comment and we do have a lot to bring to the party!
      Julie X

  3. A good question and my answer is definitely yes!!! Being in my 40's too I was a little unsure at the beginning and questioned whether I should go or not but I'm so glad I went to my first local one. I've now built great relationship with all the local girls and yes I am old enough to be the mum to ALL of them. However, I get on with them so well, we have a great laugh and they don't see me as being older, just a blogger like them and we attend so many local-isn events together now. I've yet to venture to a London one (I was away for the 30/40 metope sadly) but I really want to, perhaps you caplet me know when you're next going and I can meet you there and be the oldest together!!!! :)

    1. I agree. I feel we older bloggers have as much right to be there as anyone. You're so lucky to have built up a local network. I'm going to the Blogosphere magazine Xmas market on 5 Nov in London. Not sure if there's any tickets left? I've also seen Beautycon is coming to London on 3 Dec. I'll send you their tweet to register interest. I'm v excited about that. If you're free and fancy going to that, let me know, it would be lovely to meet.
      Julie X


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