Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Schuh Sale-What I bought

toms correa sandals
Love Island had ended, there was nothing on TV and so I found myself online shopping! And even though I wasn't looking for shoes, what I ended up with are two pairs of shoes that I have been lusting after for a long time.

I haven't succumbed to the original style Toms - the ones that look like a pitta bread on your foot. Although I have heard that they are really comfy. And a few years ago I bought some Toms denim sandals. Exactly the same style as these new black ones but in denim. And I have loved them like a dear friend. They are so comfortable. But after my recent holiday, and them seeing me through a lot of walking, they are starting to look a bit tired. One of my sisters had bought these black ones a year ago and you know when you think it's not right to then go and blatantly copy and buy the exact same pair? Anyway I have admired them from afar and when I saw them in the Schuh Sale, reduced from £35.00 to £22.99, I decided that imitation is the greatest form of flattery and ordered myself a pair.

Toms Correa Sandal
So these are the Toms Correa Sandal. They are exclusive to Schuh and have a crochet material on the cross over toe front and also on the heel section. 

These are so, so comfortable. The sole is padded and almost feels like memory foam. I can happily walk around for hours in these, no rubbing and no sweaty feet!

And the other great thing about buying Toms? For every purchase, Toms give a pair of new shoes to a child in need.

The only (minor) little moan I have about both pairs of my Toms is the strap holes have not been punched through properly, so I do have to fiddle about for a while trying to do the straps up. But this is minor.

I love the Toms label on the back of the sandals. Makes me feel cool, hip, young, like I occasionally surf... (as if. I'm a Mum, I never, ever get my hair wet in the sea).
toms correa sandals
Nike Trainerendor
So whilst I was in the blatant copying mood, I also stumbled across a pair of Nike trainers that the daughter had bought to join her 100's of other unworn, expensive trainers on her bedroom floor. I loved these when she first bought them and cursed the day her feet got bigger than mine.
nike trainerendo
These are the Nike Trainerendor reduced from £65.00 to £39.99. They are black but like a washed out black so they almost look dark green. I love how these look with skinny jeans. These are comfortable, although initially I thought they were too small as I struggled to get them on but once I'd loosened the laces and released the velcro strap a bit, it was all good.

The detail on these trainers as well; the different textured panels and the best bit - the disco bottom! It's like a granite worktop, on a trainer.
nike trainerendor
So why spend ages searching for the perfect shoe, when someone else has done all the hard work for you.




  1. I've always wanted a pair of Toms because of their ethics as a brand as well as the materials they use as it looks a bit boho however I've heard that they don't last very long so I'm still contemplating!!
    Kathy x

    1. I know what you mean. My original sandals though have lasted me 3 years. And getting these on sale was great.
      Julie X

  2. Always better to buy more than one pair of shoes at a time I feel!


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