Thursday, 14 July 2016

Paperself Paper Lashes and Temporary Tattoos

paperself paper lashes
Look at these beauties. Are they not the most intricate, delicate lashes you have ever seen?
I was lucky enough to be sent a selection of Paperself Paper Eyelashes and Temporary Tattoos* from their Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

These lashes are made from paper and have the thinnest band, which makes applying so much easier. What I love about these lashes is, because they are so dramatic, you can just trim off sections of the lashes and then choose where you want to apply them - on the outer edge of your lashes or even in the centre. These are obviously not every day lashes but for special occasions such as festivals, hen dos, weddings, proms and events these will be the talk of everyone you glance at.

The lashes above are the Lace Garden (£14.00) and are inspired by 19th century French silk bobbin lace.

The lashes below are the Deer and Butterfly (£12.50). These are my favourites, and not just because they were worn by Elizabeth Banks in the Hunger Games film but because of the detail. You can very clearly see the Deer's head, and the butterflies which are sat atop the Deer's antlers. If only I had an event to wear these too. 
paperself lashes deer and butterfly
These lashes don't come with glue but generally the glue you get with lashes isn't great, so I recommend Duo eyelash glue.

Now when I think temporary tattoos, I think the ones you used to get with a bubblegum, and you had to lick it to stick on. Well, thankfully times have moved on and Paperself do the most amazing range of temporary tattoos. There are pretty, feminine designs and then bolder, more unusual ones. All of the tattoos though are striking and eye catching and so easy to apply. You get two sheets of each design in a pack and then let your imagination take over. Cut out the designs you want, peel off the plastic backing sheet and put the tattoo design side down on to the area you are tattooing, then with a damp cloth/flannel hold over the tattoo for 30 seconds, and then peel off. I have tried quite a few of the tattoos and every time they have applied so easily, and not one tiny bit of the design has not transferred.

The packs say that these tattoos are non-toxic, safe and skin friendly. They are waterproof and last for 2-4 days. And I can agree with all this. I applied a design to my arm on Saturday morning and it is still going strong 4 days later. The designs on my fingers did fade off after 2 days but I wash my hands a lot!
paperself temporary tattoos

paperself temporary tattoos
These are the temporary tattoo designs from the Spring/Summer 2016 collection:
Constellations - £7.00
paperself temporary tattoos
 Rocky Rubies chain - £7.00
paperself temporary tattoos
Pink Blossoms - £7.00
paperself temporary tattoos
Deco Deco - £7.00
paperself tattoos
Rihanna is a fan of Paperself lashes and these beautiful paper lashes and temporary tattoos have been featured in Vogue, Elle and Grazia.
Take a look at the Spring Summer 2016 collection and many, many more amazing designs at




  1. Those lashes are so interesting and you're right, definitely not an everyday thing haha!
    Kathy x

  2. Cute! Especially love the tattoooooos! (never really sure how many t's & o's in tattttoooo! :-)


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