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July 2016 favourites

july 2016 favourites
What a mixed bag July was! Not just weather wise, with the UK having their hottest (one) day of the year, and then back to the usual "meh" weather for this country but we also had the debacle which was the referendum vote. Anyway.. on to my faves for this month.

1. Make up
I've got two this month and both have been growers on me as initially I wasn't that fussed on them. This was definitely the case with a new lipstick I got from Mac.
mac mehr
The shade Mehr has been raved about online and as it's been touted as the perfect dark nude, I had to have it. However, when I first applied it I didn't like it, it was too pink toned for me and it's a matte which I didn't realise. So I put it away in my "will probably never wear" lipstick drawer. But then one day I just felt all brave and wore it to work. No one commented on it, which is a good thing right?! But I really enjoyed wearing it. It is one of the darkest nude lipsticks I have, and is still pink toned but when I want to brighten up my face, this is the perfect colour. £15.50 from Mac.
mac mehr
The other make up item I've been loving was free with Glamour magazine. It's Benefit's Gimme Brow in shade 5. 

I have been loyal to Rimmel's Brow this way for ages now but I do really like the Gimme Brow. I don't think the gel has as much hold as the Rimmel but I love how small the brush is and the colour is perfect. I'm going to check out the normal full size to see if the brush is as small. If it is, I'm going to commit. The full size is £18.50.
benefit gimme brow
2. Skincare
This is a desert island essential for me and I don't know why I haven't talked about Sudocrem before.
An antiseptic healing cream which is mostly known as a nappy rash cream, I always have a pot of this in my bathroom cabinet. And that pot lasts forever!

When I have a spot, or can feel one brewing under my skin, I put a blob of sudocrem on just before bed and honestly, the next morning the spot is gone.

I also use this for really dry skin patches, insect bites, cuts and anything that needs a bit of soothing. £5.50 from any supermarket or chemist.

3. Food
I love dry mango and my favourite was Urban Fruit. And then the daughter brought home Sainsbury's dried mango, and everything changed.

You get a box of 5 snack packs of yes,dried mango but these are not the usual dried out, almost tough pieces of fruit. These are soft pieces of deliciously sweet chewy mango. Honestly my mouth is watering typing this. The only problem is the bags are too small! £3.70 a box. 
sainsbury's mango
4. Misc
I've decided to change my usual favourite category of 'Screen' to 'Miscellaneous'. This is also because I haven't got any screen favourites this month!

What I have been enjoying is Radio One's Summer Mixes. All you have to do is download the iplayer radio app and then select the mixes you want to listen back to. There is a great selection and even with the grey blanket of cloud that seems to be ever present, these tunes make me feel really summery. 

5. Fashion
I really like the bardot trend but you do have to pick wisely as some bardot tops are either too tight across the shoulders and you can't move your arms or they're too loose and are forever slipping down.

This New Look Bardot top** is neither. It is loose, comfortable to wear and I think it looks fab. £14.99. I recently wore it to a blogging event I attended (and wrote about here) and I felt cool (in a not over heated way) and cool (in a up with the young people way).
new look bardot top


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  1. Ditto re the Sudocrem, think we've had a tub knocking around since my girls were babies! Loving the top and bow on you, really suits!


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