Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Quirky, cute, bunny interiors from Ham.

ham made cards
If you are looking for a quirky and cute print for your home, then look no further and let me tell you about Ham and the small collection I have built up in the past few months.

Firstly, let me explain that I have always loved rabbits and for most of my childhood had a rabbit or two who lived in a hutch outside. So as a grown up, I decided that I wanted a house rabbit - so they wouldn't be stuck outside in the cold and rain and could interact in every day life. This house rabbit is called Jeff. He's a ginger lop eared rabbit and he's nearly 5 years old. I love him unconditionally, even in the early days when he chewed the Laura Ashley wallpaper, the carpet and through the Sky on demand cable. Twice.

So I have a bit of an obsession with buying anything bunny related and when I saw the Bouncing Rabbit print in the background of a famous You Tuber's video, I went on a mission to find out where it was from. And that's how I found the website

Ham was founded by Joanna Ham, who is an artist and illustrator who set up Ham in 2011. As well as prints (which you can buy framed or unframed), you can also buy mugs, cards and most recently giant wall stickers.

I started with a Sliding Rabbit screen print, which I was lucky enough to get for Christmas. The print is 30x40cm and is £35.00. Look at how cute it is. I do not know how Joanna captures the movement and child like positions of the rabbits, but she does.
ham sliding bunny print
I then bought four cards, which I've framed. Two are in my "blogging room" and the other two are displayed rather nicely on an Ikea picture ledge. The cards are 17.8cm x 12.7cm and are only £2.85 each.
Below you have Superhero Rabbit in the white frame and Diving Rabbit in the black frame.
ham rabbit cards
Reflective Rabbit in the white frame and Bouncing Rabbit in the gold frame.
ham rabbit
And after recently repainting Jeff's room, I knew that the perfect finishing touch would be one of Ham's newly released Giant Wall Stickers. And because he is my hero, I went for the Superhero. The giant wall stickers are 995mm x 550mm and are priced at £55.00.
The wall sticker comes in a sturdy cardboard tube with clear instructions on how to apply and a squidgy tool.
I did hold my breath for the whole time I was carefully peeling off the backing sheet but there was no need as the sticker adhered to the wall really well.

So you can get a sense of scale, here is a shot of Jeff gazing up at the wall sticker. I think we can all agree he loves it!
ham giant wall sticker



  1. I'm setting up a gallery wall, and I sort of feel like perhaps I need to get some of these to add to the collection! How cute are they? (Jeff looks impressed)

    Sammy xo.

    1. They are so cute aren't they. Thanks for your comment Sammy.
      Julie X


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