Sunday, 5 June 2016

May 2016 Favourites

May favourites
It's that time of the month when I tell you what five things I've been enjoying during May. There's some real tried and tested favourites and a brand new item, but one I already know will be a favourite for quite a while yet. So here we go:

1. Make up
Rimmel Good to Glow highlighter, £4.99. I picked this up last summer and have started to use it again but this time not just as a highlighter but by adding a few drops in to my foundation. This illuminator adds a boost of glow and subtle colour to any base product and is also really nice worn on its on. This really is a multi-tasker as you can do as I have been doing - adding it to foundation, wear it as a cheek highlighter, or as a glowing illuminator to your body (blending a few drops on to your decollete adds a healthy radiant glow. I have shade 003 soho glow and there are two other shades.
rimmel good to glow
2. Skincare
For many years I used, and loved, Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish. Every now and then I would stumble across an alternative cream cleanser, which I strayed to, mostly because they were always cheaper but none were ever as good. Until this one - Superdrug's Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser, £4.99 for a big 200ml tube. This cleanser is creamy, thick and really does the job, and it comes with a muslin cloth. I use this as my morning cleanser and the action of massaging this in to my groggy just woken up skin really does help to de-puff my face. It smells nice as well. 
superdrug vitamin e hot cloth cleanser
3. Food
I'm always getting recipe recommendations from both my sisters and they never disappoint and has led me to try things I would have previously turned my nose up at. When my sister said she had made Joe's Chicken and Mushroom pie, I had two questions - who was Joe and could I make it without the mushrooms. Yes I could, and do, and Joe is The Bodycoach Joe. It is so easy and quick to make and feels good to eat. Every time I make this I feel smug that I've made a healthy, from scratch meal, and I didn't have to do any high intensity workout.
Here's a link to his recipe Joe's chicken pie recipe

4. Screen
Being 40+ I have not embraced Snapchat (yet) or even understood what a podcast was. But then I saw a tweet about a new podcast called Beauty Talk and thought I'd find out where on my phone podcasts live and have a listen. And I implore you to do so too! If you are mildly interested in all things beauty, from foundation, palettes to tools and nails you will enjoy listening to these three beauty experts. It's honestly like listening to three of your friends chatting away, except they can't hear you agreeing or laughing along. You can also follow them on twitter @beautytalkpod 

5. Fashion
Yay, after eight months of carrying around a birthday Zara voucher, checking the 'new in' section of their website daily, I finally spent it. Oh the relief. (Does anyone else feel "Voucher Pressure").
I've previously posted in a monthly favourites my love for the bomber jacket but the one I have is a winter one as it's really thick. I had seen a few nice thin bombers in New Look and almost got one but then I saw this one in Zara. 
zara bomber jacket
It's lightweight and looks just as good worn casually with jeans and a t-shirt or as a jacket for a smarter look or as evening wear.

I love this jacket, it's my new most favourite of favourite things. From Zara Basics, £29.99.



  1. I love your jacket, I have tried a couple of bomber jackets on but I don't think they suit me :( I ordered a pale pink one from River Island and it came and is beige and not pale pink at all, but I don't think the style suits me so think I'll give up, I do need a nice summer jacket that isn't denim to wear with jeans though. The illuminator sounds lovely too, I'll have to check that out :) great favourites post x

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. Thanks Zoe. You should try the Zara bombers. There was also a pale pinky one and I was torn between that and the black but figured black would go with more.
      Julie x

  2. Great faves, LOVE that bomber!

    Sophie xx

    1. Thanks Sophie. It's not often I find something I really love and enjoy wearing so much. I'm a little bit pleased with myself! Haha.
      Julie x

  3. You are soooo like a sister from a differnet mother (I know it doesn't rhyme!!)I too feel voucher pressure, so much so they literally shout at me to spend them!! I too also ADORE the Liz Earle cleanser...mainly for the smell, it just makes me feel happy for some reason, I made a slight error a while back & brought loads of other skincare items from her thinking they would all smell the same but they didn't & I didn't like any of them, Oooops! As for the Chicken Pie..I'd make it just to look at Joe, he's not hard on the eyes is he?! :-)


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