Wednesday, 29 June 2016

June 2016 Favourites

 June favourites
June started off so well, the weather had started to turn summery and I went on holiday to Dubrovnik. But it has ended rather badly/sadly for lots of people. The UK is in turmoil, there is lots of uncertainty facing our nation and there has been tragic events in Orlando and most recently, Turkey. So, frankly, I'll be glad to see the back of June! But on to a more positive note, I do still have some favourites from the month, and here they are:

1. Make up
The Real Techniques Setting Brush. I got this brush in the limited edition sculpting brush set and I have surprised myself at how much I absolutely love this little brush. It really is the perfect size and shape for blending concealer in under the eyes and around the nose, and anywhere else! So I use this brush to blend in my concealer and then use it to apply powder to set my concealer in place. I love using make up brushes anyway but this little treasure is a delight to use. I was just about to type that you can only get this brush as part of the limited edition set, but joy of joys they are sold separately so I'm going to order another one.
real techniques setting brush
2. Skincare
EOS Lip Balm. I know I'm the last person to get involved with EOS Lip Balms but lip balms don't really excite me and when I first heard about them, I thought the cost of them was too much for a lip balm. But I recently picked one up whilst on holiday, when I found myself in a chemist (I thought it was a Supermarket and was on the hunt for Lays Crisps and crispy M&Ms!). Anyway, this is such a good lip balm and literally smells and tastes good enough to eat. I really like the design and ball shape and the balm keeps lips moisturised for ages. I will definitely be splashing out the £6.50 to buy a new one when I finish this one.
3. Food
M&S Percy Pig Biscuits. I've always loved M&S's mini gingerbread men but these Percy Pigs are on another level of yummy-ness. I couldn't stop thinking about them after seeing my little nephew munching on one and he had the right idea. These biscuits are so moreish. £1.50 for a packet of nine biscuits. God knows why there's only nine biscuits in the packet but you can clear the packet without feeling too sicky after!
M&S Percy Pig Biscuits
 4. Screen
I've got two screen faves and one rest from the screen favourite. 
I've made no secret of my obsession with Game of Thrones, and season six ended this week. No spoilers but epic, just epic. If you, like me, don't watch it but keep thinking "what is all the fuss about", I implore you to try it. Stick with it through season one and then by mid season two, you'll be hooked.

The other screen I've been loving is my guilty secret.. Love Island. Obviously I am watching it purely to observe the human experiment when young singles are put in a villa on holiday.. This is trashy TV at it's best and it's the only chance of seeing the sun at the moment!

If you are a fellow blogger (hi) and haven't already picked up the Blogosphere Magazine, you really should. Yes it is £5.00 but every edition is a weighty, quality magazine. It's packed full of interesting interviews with bloggers from all niche's and at all different levels of their blogging journey and some really handy tips covering topics from SEO to broken links. It's a magazine written by bloggers, for bloggers.
Blogosphere magazine
5. Fashion
Zara cotton top. I'm well aware that this top is probably not the most complimentary fit but I still love it and actually I bought it because I like voluminous tops, especially when worn with skinny jeans. I loved Victoria Beckham's parachute dress so I'm always on the look out for a more affordable version of this style. This top was less than £20.00 and I have tried to find it again on but I've now become distracted because they've got a sale on..
zara top
Let's hope July brings us summer weather and stability. But in the meantime..
M&S percy pig biscuits



  1. Love the top, will now have to try the biscuits next time I'm in M&S & I know you are going to be featured in that mag at some point in the future!

    1. Aww thanks. The biscuits are delicious.

  2. I have savoured my EOS lip balm because I don't want it to run out haha!
    Kathy x


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