Monday, 30 May 2016

The perfect holiday nail polish from New Look.

new look pure gel polish
I really think I've found the perfect nail polish colour for holidays. Imagine this on your toes and fingers as you start to bronze up.

This is shade 82 Bright Orange and is from New Look's Pure Gel polish range. And it's only £3.99 and available online here.  

I've raved about New Look polishes in an archive post on my polish collection, which you can read here.  I don't think these polishes get enough praise. The colour range is great, on trend and varied and still has some nudes and more classic colours. 

I started using the Pure Colour polishes about a year ago and was really impressed with how long they lasted. The Pure Gel range is just as good but with slightly longer staying power - I can easily get 5-6 days wear with only minimal chips towards the end of that time, and even then these are only noticeable to my critical eye, I could happily go another day or two after that.
All of the New Look make up range is good, and I have tried a few things and will be posting about those soon.

All of the Pure Gel polishes have a shiny finish that is just the same as professional gel polishes and they come with a wide brush that makes applying really easy, even with shaky hands and you could do a whole nail in one brush. I apply two coats of the polish. There is a top coat but I only just found this out and I don't feel the need for a top coat because the strength and shine from the polish itself is more than good enough.

Even though this is a "gel" type formula, removing the polish with normal remover is just as easy as any other polish. I just soak a cotton pad with remover and hold on to the nail for a few seconds to penetrate the polish and then wipe off.
new look pure gel polish bright orange
There are 8 colours in the Pure Gel range - go on, I dare you to try one of these and not be impressed.


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