Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The new Stila Eye & Cheek Palette

Stila Perfect me, perfect hue eye & cheek palette
Please let's pause for a minute in our busy lives to fully appreciate the beauty of this Stila eye and cheek palette..

Ok yes, I too have been lusting after the newly released Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette but at £49.00 and a kitchen and bathroom about to be re-tiled, I just couldn't justify this. (Insert crying face emoji).

But behold this totally comparable eye and cheek palette from Stila and at £28.00 this is much more attainable. So what do you get?

Firstly the packaging is divine. A sturdy hard plastic gold coloured case, with a subtle leopard print on the front. This is the most travel friendly palette I have seen. The same size as the palm of your hand you get five eye shadows and two blushes. I actually think and would use the darker blush as a bronzer/contour. The case also has a large mirror in the lid.
Stila eye & cheek palette
The Perfect Me, Perfect Hue palettes from Stila are new and come in four different skin tone hues. There is:

  • Fair/Light - a selection of light hues perfect for fair skin tones
  • Light/Medium - a selection of brown and neutral hues for medium skin tones
  • Medium/Tan - a selection of copper and purple tones hues for tanned skin tones
  • Tab/Deep - a mixture of light and dark hues to compliment deep skin tones.
I went for the light/medium and in this palette you get:

Eye shadows:
Dazzling - highlight/illuminator (index finger below)
Spontaneous - for the crease (middle finger below)
Ambitious - for eye lid (ring finger below - my favourite!)
Mischievous - liner (little finger below)
Stila swatches
The other eye shadow is:

Artistic - base shadow (index finger below). I was hoping to be able to use this as a cheek highlighter but it is too matt, but still great as it's intended purpose of being a base shadow.

Charming (middle finger below)
Angelic (ring finger below). I'm sorry that this hasn't shown up on camera but it's a lovely soft terracotta brown colour.
Stila swatches
All of the colours are really pigmented, buttery and apply like a dream. The colours are matt but with a subtle shimmer in dazzling and ambitious.

This is going to be my palette for the summer, holidays and travelling. I think I need the other palette hues now..

You can get this wonderful eye and cheek palette at Beauty Bay by clicking here.




  1. This palette looks stunning and right up my alley! I have something similar from Lorac that I love and was a steal! Great post! XO -Kim

    1. Thanks Kim. Ohh I don't have anything from Lorac but they look lovely. This Stila is lovely and pigmented. I've gone a little overboard today with it! X

  2. I'm so torn between this & C Tilbury... the Stila looks & sounds like a real gem though!
    Nic x

    1. Thanks for your comment Nic. I'm really loving it but I'm still going to put the CT on my Xmas list! Xx

  3. This would be perfect to travel! I feel like this palette is all I would need
    Kathy x


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