Sunday, 8 May 2016

Good Ghillie (shoes)!

Asos lordship lace up ballet flat shoes
The Ghillie Shoe. Not sure where it came from. I presume the slip on ballet shoe and the gladiator sandal got together and had a baby called.. Ghillie!

When I first started seeing pictures of the ghillie shoe, my first thought was "well they're not going to stay laced up". But I liked the style of them and so I thought I would dabble in a low key, cheap version from Primark. I picked these black ones up for £8 last weekend.
Primark ghillie shoe
I wore them out on bank holiday where I knew I would be sitting down a lot, so if they hurt, it wouldn't ruin my night. But actually they are really comfortable and the lace up didn't fall down and I didn't have to tie them too tight to keep them up. (I know you're probably now looking at the clear tie dents on my legs thinking well that looks tight, but you have to experiment with these things a few times! haha).

So pleased with these shoes, I then immediately ordered these beauties from Asos when I saw them on Instagram. They also do these in rose gold, which are gorgeous but I think these baby blue ones go really nice with my new ankle grazer jeans, which I posted about yesterday (click here to read). 
Asos lordship lace up ballet flat shoes
These are available from Asos at £25.00, click here for link.

What do you think of this style of shoe, is it for you?




  1. Prettier than a gladiator & better than a ballet pump, who can ask for more!? :-)


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