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April 2016 Favourties

April favourties
There'a a theme this month, can you spot it? Well a theme of two - coconut favourites. April has whizzed by, I think because of the Easter holidays and the interesting weather conditions! Now we are in to May, which I'm very excited because I go on holiday at the end of the month, which means my first travel blog!

So to this month's favourites:

1. Make up
Make up Revolution Radiance palette. This highlighting palette has been hailed as the dupe to Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders (which I previously posted about click here to read). And it really is a great dupe. You get three large powders of slightly different shades and this palette is only £8.00 from Superdrug (click here) or Make up revolution website direct.
I actually prefer this palette to the Hourglass powder. The lighter shade in the middle I use as a highlighter but the outer powders I use to illuminate under my eyes and a quick sweep all over the rest of my face. These powders are soft, easy to apply and not at all glittery. They really give a radiance to the face and wake your complexion up. The single versions of the powders are also available at £3.00, so I'm going to get one of these to have in my handbag.
make up revolution radiance palette
2. Skincare
One of my sisters put me on to Coconut Oil and although I bought 2 jars quite a few months ago, I've only recently started using one of the jars on my skin (the other is for cooking use). I cannot express enough how impressed I am. Initially I started using this on my cuticles but am now using it on some odd dry patches I developed. Here's the story - about 6 months ago I noticed what looked like a bruise on my lower back (these are actually pigmentation), and very dry skin. I then got these same weird patches on my shoulder and the top of thighs. I tried all sorts - some really rich body moisturiser, Bio Oil and then Cetraben but nothing helped. I went to my GP who said it was fungal skin condition. I didn't really have much confidence in what the Doctor told me as he actually had to google it! He gave me some type of strong shampoo, which I had to put on for five minutes and then wash off. This shampoo is prescribed for people with really bad dandruff!? Not only did this not help at all, it left my skin really dry and tight. So I started rubbing in the coconut oil after reading that it is an anti-fungal as well as an antibacterial. I kid you not, I noticed a vast improvement in these patches within days. The pigmentation has almost faded and the areas are no longer dry. Coconut oil did, naturally, what some shampoo packed full of chemicals did not even touch.
I'm now using coconut oil on my face at night several times a week, and again have noticed an improvement in my skin. It is softer, clearer and brighter.
I got 2 jars of this pure oil from Amazon here. 
coconut oil
 3. Food
This is probably cheating a bit as I don't really like the taste of plain coconut water. What I do love though is the Vita Coco favoured coconut waters. The pineapple one is not too sweet, its so refreshing and thirst quenching. I also really like the mango flavoured one. I feel good when I drink one of these. And it's so much better than a can of coke.
vita coco coconut water
4. Screen
Sort of keeping with this month's coconut theme - I'm loving The Island with Bear Grylls on channel 4 Monday's at 9.00pm. I'm not keen on Bear Grylls but I find this programme about a group of men and woman trying to survive on a deserted island fascinating. Watching the dynamics between everyone and especially when the men and women came together is really interesting. Hats off to the people on it.

5. Fashion
This Primark bag, which I think was £8 or £9. I love a cross body bag and this one is larger than I would normally go for but it is a perfect size to get my long purse in, glasses, camera, make up etc. I love the boho style and the tassle and feel this bag "trends" up a plain outfit.
primark black tassle bag
What have you been loving this month or have you got any other uses for the miracle that is coconut oil?




  1. I love this post, makes me feel very optimistic about the Summer we have to have this year! :-) Your question may have been rhetorical but I'm going to answer it anyway! I'm not usually one for buying lots of things at once (not because I wouldn't like to mind you) but I do have a few 'loves' currently...firstly a cute little bag in the shape of a phone box from Accessorize, saw it in a magazine, loved it & then found it online reduced, I might never use it but I love it & couldn't resist! I wanted to try something from the NYX range so bought the Doll Eye mascara, so far so good, I've always coveted a Diptyque candle, loved by A-listers & mere mortals alike, but I could never quite part with the cash to indulge, but with a Selfridges gift card that had very luckily landed in my mitts it wasn't too tough & although it's tiny it smells divine & worth it for the little yellow Selfridges bag too! Lastly but not sister bought me the sweetest little Peanuts beaker back from her trip to Spain & from Zara home of all places, no idea what I'll do with it but love it & that's all that matters right?! :-)


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