Friday, 8 April 2016

Rimmel Super Gel polish - did it last 14 days?

Rimmel super gel polish
I used to get my nails professionally painted with Gelish - a gel polish which is applied and set by a UV or LED lamp. This really does last a good 2 weeks, without any chips and maintains its high gloss shine until the gelish is removed. And for me that was the problem - soaking the polish off was a pain. It was fine if my manicurist did it but when I did it myself, I know I did damage my nails as I really had to scrape the polish off, which obviously weakened them. So I went back to traditional self applied polishes to give my nails a rest. Over the past year some brands have brought out their versions of "gel" polishes, which promise to last as long and have the shine and hard-wearing quality of a UV applied polish. I haven't fallen for this before because how could this be possible and although Barry M (I love their polishes) brought out their Sunset Daylight Curing range, I just wasn't convinced mostly because what if it wasn't a sunny day? Did you have to sit outside to cure them? 

I was intrigued though when Rimmel recently brought out their Super Gel by Kate range. This seemed straight forward - paint the colour as normal, 2 coats, and then apply 1 coat of the top coat. So I figured the top coat was the element that would harden and make the nails shiny and protect them for the 14 days wear promised.

I went for 041 Darling Dahlia, which as you can see is a bright pink red. The polish and top coat are £5.99 each. I got mine from Boots who were doing a buy one, get the 2nd item half price on Rimmel.
So here is the freshly applied polish on day 1.
Rimmel super gel polish
I loved the colour of this polish but the very next day I noticed that the polish had started to wear back from the tips. I always wear washing up gloves and this is supposed to be a hard wearing polish, but to have it wear back so soon after application was disappointing.

In this polish's defence I have put it through a proper test as in the week I had it on I did some gardening, painted a room and used filler for ceiling cracks in several rooms! I noticed one big chip in the polish but this was when I was trying to get some eggshell paint off my nails and hands. But as you will see below, there is no way I could have stretched this polish's wear out to a full 14 days. This was taken on day 7.

With any other non "gel" polish I would only expect it to last about 5 days but when a product promises 14 days - you kind of expect it to do that. It didn't unfortunately.

But if you're looking for a hard wearing, gel type polish that I can confirm lasts a good 6 days, check out the New Look Pure Gel polishes. And they're only £3.99.

Oh and apologies about the dry cuticles! The camera never lies.



  1. Love your honest pics! Those 'gel like' polishes just do not seem to live up to their promises do they?!

  2. Sucks that this didn't live up to expectations! I do love the colour though :)
    Kathy x

    1. I know Kathy. Don't make promises you can't deliver. I have a very similar Barry M colour. Lasts well. Without the promises!
      Julie x


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