Friday, 22 April 2016

Real Techniques Sculpting Brush set - do you need more brushes?

real techniques sculpting set
I'm starting to build up quite a brush collection, and it all started with the Real Techniques expert face brush. And whilst I have bought other brushes from Morphe and Zoeva, I keep coming back to Real Techniques.

Why? Several reasons:
  • the quality of the brush hairs and handles
  • the price point
  • their versatility (I'm now realising that you use your brush where you want to, just because it says blush brush on it, if you want to use it for face powder because you like a smaller shaped brush - you go ahead)
  • how they look and feel (perfectly weighted handles that are comfortable to hold)
  • and I think most of all if you've watched any of Sam and Nic's You Tube videos as either Real Techniques or Pixiwoo, you will know that these sisters' hard earned success with Real Techniques is so well deserved and I want to continue to support that.
Now I'm an almost daily wearer of highlighter I realised I needed to get a brush for this application and I've read a lot of people saying that a fan brush is the best type. And then I saw this 3 pack of brushes from Real Techniques, which has said fan brush:
real techniques fan brush
This brush is perfect for applying highlighter, the fan shaped brush means it doesn't pick up an excessive amount of product and so you can't get it wrong. The shape is also perfect for adding highlighter under the arch of your brow bone. 

The other brushes in the set are the finishing brush and setting brush. Again both really great quality and shaped to effortlessly fit in to the contours of your face.

The finishing brush is for contouring and it really hugs under the line of your cheek bone but it's is also a great brush for applying foundation because of its dense but soft bristles. Use it as you want.
real techniques contouring brush
The setting brush can be used for applying powder under your eyes to set your concealer. I had been previously using a big powder brush, which meant that I was probably using too much powder, and it went everywhere. This brush is precise, limits what you apply and again is a multi use brush. I haven't yet but this brush would be good for contouring down the side of your nose.
real techniques setting brush
The price for this set of high quality, versatile brushes - £20.99 from Boots or Superdrug. So at only £7.00 a brush, great value.




  1. I am obsessed with the contour brush, but I use it for buffing in foundation and concealer, it is AWESOME! :) and now you have me wanting the rest of the set now, may get it with it being on 3 for 2!

    1. Ohh I'm going to try using the contour for my foundation tomorrow. Thanks for the tip. I love the setting brush, it's such a perfect size. Thanks for your comment Erin. X


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