Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Holiday Prep #2 - The Body

Holiday prep
Continuing on with my Holiday Prep series (you can find prep #1 - The Feet here), here is post number 2..

The Body:

1. If you're going to put on fake tan or even a gradual tan, you must exfoliate first otherwise the tan colour in these products will go patchy on your rough, dry bits! You should exfoliate anyway but it's especially important pre any tanning application. I picked up the Good Things Argan Oil body scrub for only £1.99 from Superdrug. Not only does this smell lovely, the scrub particles are contained in a gel. This makes it so easy to apply this all over your body before you get in to the shower and without the scrub dropping off on to your bathroom floor. This is a top tip because if you're applying a scrub whilst showering, most of the scrub is going to be washed down the plug hole before you've been able to use it. I also find using a pair of exfoliating gloves great as well, especially for the elbows and knees. 
Good things argan oil body scrub
2. If you're applying any type of tanning product, only apply moisturiser to your knees, elbows and I apply to the soles of my feet. These are the main areas where your skin is drier, slightly "tougher" so a bit of moisturiser on these parts will stop the fake tan from clinging to the dry bits and looking a much darker colour than the rest of your body. I'm currently loving this travel size Cowshed body lotion which I got in a beauty subscription box. Smells gorgeous.

I rarely fake tan but from this time of the year onwards I do like to use a body moisturiser which has some fake tan in so you get a subtle gradual tan. This one from Dove (£3.45 from Boots and Superdrug) is moisturising and has given a warmer tone to my body and smells only very slightly of fake tan. This is an easy way to make sure your legs and arms are ready for public viewing when we get one of those days when the temperature suddenly shoots to 20 degrees and the pub garden is calling.
Dove gradual tan
3. If you want your real tan to last as long as possible after you've got back from holiday and/or you suffer from horrible prickly heat, you need to try a tan accelerator. A few years ago and for the first time ever myself and my daughter suffered really bad prickly heat on holiday. It was miserable and almost ruined the holiday. A few months later I was watching a demo on QVC about the Elemis Tan Accelerator (which I did think sounded a bit gimmicky) but the lady from Elemis mentioned how it helped alleviate prickly heat, and then a few customers phoned and messaged the show to say it had helped theirs, so I ordered some. And I have never looked back. You apply this body moisturiser once a day for a week before you go on holiday and this stimulates the skin cells which produce melanin, so that when you are on holiday and in the sun, your body is ready for the sun and a tan. 

When I use this not only do I not get prickly heat, I tan deeper and do not peel. 

You can use this during your holiday and when you get back but I don't and I still get these great results.

QVC UK have the Elemis Tan Accelerator and a bonus Total Glow face moisturiser for £36.96. The tan accelerator is a big 400ml bottle with pump and will easily last me and my daughter two holidays preps.
Elemis tan accelerator
4. I'm quite loyal to suntan lotion. I used Boots Soltan range for so many years but 2 years ago I ventured out and tried Hawaiian Tropic. Now I know Hawaiian Tropic has been around for ages but I suppose I associated them with sun oil, which is not good and so I didn't get involved. But I was wrong not to try them sooner. The sun lotion I bought covers both UVA and UVB, is thick and creamy, doesn't leave a film or you with sticky hands and smells like... holidays. Like holidays should smell. As soon as I inhale, I'm relaxed and on holiday.
Hawaiian Tropic
I hope you enjoyed prep #2. Let me know what body prep products you can't live without.




  1. I used to always use Hawaiian Tropic when I was little - love the brand!
    Kathy x

  2. Hawaiian is a fave of mine too! Some great tips here, makes me want summer to come even faster!


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