Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Barry M Brightening Primer

Barry M brightening primer
I love a bit of Barry M. Manilow and the make up range! 
Barry M has been offering really affordable, current and colourful make up for a while now and one of their latest additions is the Flawless Primer range.

I recently picked up the purple one, which is the "brightening" primer.  There are two others - the original and the green "colour correcting".

All three of these silky, oil free primers promise to be smoothing, mattifying and pore minimising. I went for the purple one because I was intrigued by the fact it's purple, and said it was brightening. Although it is bright purple, it blends in to the face very quickly, leaving no purple colour cast at all. This cream has a silicone feeling texture to it, although it is in fact an oil free serum and it does feel like a serum. It applies really well. I actually feel like it covers my pores rather than just soaking in to them. It dries quickly as well, so you can apply your foundation pretty much straight after.

I can't say I noticed a brightening effect at all. Although if a product says it's brightening, I expect a beam of angelic light to radiate from my face, all day long, which of course did not happen!
It does leave my skin feeling very smooth, ready for make up and mattified. The foundation that I applied on top of this looked so much better on and around my nose area (which is normally a real problem area for me, due to large pores eating the foundation!) and I didn't notice any sliding or disappearance of my make up at the usual mid afternoon need to re-apply time.

And another thing I like about this primer is the packaging. It's plastic and simple but you can see how much you've used, so you don't try to pump some product out only to suddenly find it's run out!

My daughter is using the green colour correcting and she raves about it. It was her that put me on to this new primer. So in our household we are loving the Barry M Flawless Primers. (£5.99 from Boots or Superdrug).


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  1. Ahh! So wish I could try out Barry M products :)
    Kathy x


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