Saturday, 12 March 2016

Superdrug and why I love it

Superdrug haul

This is a triple threat blog - it's a haul, it's a review, it's a disappointing product post.  I'm spoiling you I know.  (This is what a week spent locked in a small office on your own does to you!).

First of all can we talk about Superdrug?  The poor relation to Boots.  Although it's not a relation but you know what I mean.  Boots is shiny, their displays are clean and well stocked, their make up counter assistants are (generally) present and attentive.  And then there's Superdrug.

In my home town our Superdrug has been there for as long as I can remember.  I was going in there when I was 15 and on my first trip in to town with my mates.  (We had spent at least a week drawing up an itinerary of the shops we would go into).  And Superdrug has always been the place to go for super affordable, fashionable, make up. Which is why most Superdrugs I have been in to are always a bit of a mess.  They attract a lot of young teens who are excited about cosmetics and will spend ages trying out every tester, and unfortunately non testers!  (Top tip - always check the product has not been used if it is not sealed).  Its a shame Superdrug can't keep on top of their displays because if you spend a bit of time in a Superdrug, you will find some really good finds.  Their own brands are good as well, and of course I have to say that they are the place to find famous blogger/vlogger's beauty ranges, such as Tanya Burr and Zoella.  So if Superdrug support the blogger, I'm sure as hell going to support them!

They have a wide variety of make up brands, from the higher end high street like The Balm to really low cost but great ranges like Revolution and MUA.  I cannot walk past a Superdrug without going in.  I've even thought about doing a UK tour of all their stores but then I realised that I needed to get a life!
Although the Bristol Cabots store is really nicely presented and Cardiff has a standalone Superdrug Beauty store.  It is amazing.  I did drive to Cardiff just for this. 

So I needed to stock up on hair care products and Superdrug are always cheaper than anywhere else, so this is what I got:

  • VO5 Ultimate hold hairspray.  I think this is better than Elnette.  It leaves no sticky residue, great hold but brushes out easily.
  • Co-Lab dry shampoo.  I've did a previous post here on Co-Lab.  I love it.  Won't use another brand of dry shampoo.
  • John Frieda sea salt spray.  I don't have curly hair but spritzing this into my hair and scrunching gives me volume and waves in a cool beachy haired way.  It's not at all crunchy.  
And then there's the Sleek Brow Perfector.  I picked this up because I have twice now bought the wrong shade in the Rimmel Brow This Way (brow gel).  I keep buying medium brown.  I'm dark brown.  It's like when I was with one of my sisters and kept driving past the entrance to the same car park. Three times I did it.  Three.
Anyway I liked the small headed brush of the sleek gel and it seemed a good colour, dark brown.  It's not.  Well it's not as dark brown as the Rimmel and the worst thing was either I picked up a dud or this is the hardest, unflexible brush I have ever used.  It was like it had gone off?  So for that reason I couldn't use it.  The brush stiffness.

Sleek Brow Perfector

What do you think of your local Superdrug or are you a Boots fan?

Oh and Superdrug's free magazine, Dare, is a great read.



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  1. OMG you must be my sister from another Mother (I know it doesn't rhyme as well as brother but you're not a boy!) feel exactly the same way, Boots is preferred but when it comes to the purse... well Superdrug is cheaper you are right! Have you been in that super-duper cheap Beauty/Chemist store over the way & down a an Aldi but not for food?!


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