Saturday, 26 March 2016

Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave.

Fortune favours the brave
I think I've made it crystal clear my passion and obsession for eye shadows and I thought I was getting this "problem" under control. Until this.. 

Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave. 30 of THE most beautiful matte, shimmer and sheen shades you have every seen. This palette contains shades I have never seen before. The shimmer shades look like marble. The gold shades (Golden Coins and Super Gold) must have been made from real gold bricks, which have been grated in to a fine, buttery powder. Well that's what I think because these shades are the purest gold shadow I have ever come across.

All of these shades are gorgeous and pigmented, and span the colour range from the lighter everyday wearable wash of colour to the darker, in your face, "look at me" khakis, dark blues and plums. I am seriously in love with this palette. When it arrived I have never been so excited about any other make up I've bought and when I opened it, good lord, it took my breath away. You have to see this in the flesh to appreciate what a game changer this is.

Revolution is the brand which really ignited me as a born again make up addict. Available in Superdrug they offer really affordable, on trend products. I already have several Revolution eye shadow, blush and powder palettes and I love them all but the Fortune Favours the Brave palette is the absolute Daddy. And I love that this palette is a collaboration between Revolution and British Beauty Blogger. Big up the bloggers.

This palette is available now online at Superdrug and Make up and guess how much it is??  £10.00!!  How can you resist?

revolution fortune favours the brave



  1. Just ten little squidly-didlys!? How can it be so?!

    1. Because it's a gift from God. That's how so. I'm obsessed with it.


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