Saturday, 19 March 2016

Me and my nudes!

Nude lipsticks

Following on from my last post which was a disappointing product, I wanted to turn that frown upside down and talk through my current favourite nude lipsticks.  There's a variety of brands here and price points, but you may not think a variety of colours but honestly there is.  Some nudes are bolder than others, so depending on my eye make up and how out there I'm feeling I flit between all of these and most days I'll double layer with 2 different lipsticks!

I only really started wearing lipsticks a few years ago because before that they scared me. Whenever I tried I would get it everywhere - way over my lip line, teeth, cheeks...  But with the advent of nude lipsticks, they really opened up a whole undiscovered world to me and I've seen my confidence in lip colour grow and get bolder.  Last month I went outdoors wearing a dark plum.  (It was also all over my teeth but we're moving in the right direction).

So here are my current favourite nudes:

1. Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate, shade 03, £5.49.  Creamy, well pigmented, long lasting.  Leaves lips soft and hydrated.

2. Another Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate, shade 43, £5.49.  As above, I love these Kate lipsticks.  This shade is lighter than 03 but still a true nude.

3. Maybelline Colour Stay Stripped Nude, shade 740 Coffee Craze, £6.99.  This is even lighter than the 2 above and whilst still being creamy, it has a slightly dryer feel than the Rimmel's but the smell of this is divine, like an unsickly toffee.

4. Barry M, shade 150, £4.49. A super creamy, well pigmented darker nude.  Good staying power.
5. Model Co, shade Kitty, I got this in my last Birchbox but they're £12.00 on the Birchbox website.  I don't know why I haven't used this more, it's a lovely moisturising denser nude with pink undertones.

6. Clinique, shade Nude Pop, this is a mini size I got free with Glamour Magazine, full size is £16.00. A real pinky nude, great under lipgloss.

7. Mac, shade Jubilee, £15.50.  A subtle nude, very creamy and hydrating, smells nice.  I'd buy more from Mac if their sales assistants weren't so rude.

8. 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented lip glaze, shade velveteen, this came in a Birchbox but would normally be £16.50.  This is one of my more bolder nudes with a plum undertone.

9. New Look Pure Colour liquid lipgloss.  Unfortunately I can't find this on the New Look website, all their lip glosses seem to have disappeared and I can't tell you what shade this is as the label has come off.  Bit of a fail but this was a cheap, non sticky, high shine gloss and great over lipsticks.

So now we have my two most worn nudes:
And they're both by Kiko.
10. is my boldest nude.  It's the one I reach for when I want to look like I'm wearing lipstick.  Intensely Lavish in the shade 01, gorgeous packaging, feels so much more than it's £6.90 price tag.  bad news, this is no longer available.  I love Kiko but if you find something you like, buy in bulk, because their turnover of new lines is unreal, literally you blink and there's another new line and the previous one is a mere memory.

11. Another one that's disappeared, sorry.  But the theme here is that Kiko lipsticks are brilliant. They're pigmented, silky soft and hydrating and so affordable.  A third of the price of a Mac lipstick but as good, better actually.

So if, like me, you haven't been a bold lipstick wearer, why not take a chance, put down that lip balm and venture in to the world of the nude.  Wearing a nude lippy will give you the confidence to go bolder.  When you are ready. 


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  1., did you know your nudes are all over the internet, your so naughty! ;-) Great post!


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