Wednesday, 30 March 2016

March 2016 Favourites

March 2016 favourties
March has flown by hasn't it? The clocks sprang forward last night and the daffodils are out, although I've still got the heating on so it's not proper spring just yet.

I've got a couple of firsts for me this month in my favourites. I love trying new products, especially when you end up loving them and they become a firm favourite. So here goes for March:

1. Make up
Gosh To be Cool in Copenhagen eye shadow palette*. 9 shades of true matte cool toned powders. This is the palette you need if you either want to start wearing eye colours but want to start in a subtle way or for those of us who already love the wonders of eye shadows, then this is your go to classic shade compact.  The nude colours will even out your eye lids and your eyes will appear polished and wide awake, whilst the darker shades can be used as a liner or to create a smokey eye. This compact palette is ideal for travel, has a large mirror and it's got every shade you could want for a variety of looks. The powders are easy to apply and pigmented with no fall out.  Available from Superdrug. £10.99.
Gosh to be cool in copenhagen palette
2. Skincare
Naturally Radiant Brightening Eye Cream*. I've never really used an eye cream before, because frankly I thought why do you need an additional cream if you're already using moisturiser. But lately I've noticed that the skin around my eyes has been dry and in the mornings quite puffy. 
This cream glides on and is refreshing and hydrating on the eye area. It feels like an extra special treat to my under eyes. My foundation and concealer, which I apply after this cream has sunk in, applies so much better as well. Also available from Superdrug and currently at the bargain price of £2.95.
Naturally Radiant brightening eye cream
3. Food
Yes this is a ready meal, but it's not just any ready meal, it's a M&S ready meal. If you love Wagamama's chicken katsu curry, you will love this. Actually I prefer it. For those evenings when you can't be bothered to make something from scratch or don't have a Wagamama near you. I think this is about £4.50, serves 1.
M&S chicken katsu curry
4. Screen (well Book this month)
I saw this beauty companion book reviewed on a fellow blogger's post and decided I needed it. I did think that Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes would look good on my bedside table but I've actually been reading it as I would a good novel on holiday. Sali's knowledge of all things beauty is not only insightful and interesting, she writes in such a down to earth, funny way, it's like having a really cool friend talking to you. This book is for anyone even slightly interested or intrigued by anything to do with beauty and skincare, treatments and products. £11.89 from Amazon.

5. Fashion
Yep I'm 45 and I've been wearing dungarees! I picked these up in the recent Top Shop sale at a ridiculous £10. They are 2 sizes too big for me but these were a test buy, so I only wear these at home as they are too big but oh man are they comfortable. Spurred on by this new found favourite, I think I'm going to venture in to some better fitting dungarees to wear outside, in front of people!
Top shop dungarees
Thanks for reading and hopefully not judging me for eating ready meals in my dungarees!




  1. You could so wear those dungarees out into the big wide world, they look great on you!

  2. The palette is so nice with such cool colours!!
    Kathy x


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