Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Gosh Lip Oil - better than 8 hr cream?

Gosh Lip Oil

I was recently very lucky to be sent some goodies from Superdrug and I am currently putting all of these products through a thorough testing but what I had to tell you about right this minute is the Gosh Lip Oil*.

I've been using Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream on my lips for as long as I care to remember and it has always done the job. When I use it I never suffer from chapped lips, but I do have to apply it often, so I need to have tubes of it in as many places as I can (afford).

I hadn't even heard of a lip oil before I received this and on first glance thought it was just a lip gloss. How wrong I was. This applies like a non sticky lip gloss but is so moisturising, comfortable to wear and leaves my lips silky smooth.  And the best thing is my lips stay soft to the touch for hours after, and that includes after eating and drinking. I only re-apply this lip oil a couple of times a day, not because my lips need re-hydrating but because its such a pleasure to apply!  The lip product contains 4 different oils as well as sea buckthorn seed oil.  The one I have been using is 002 Sea Buckthorn.  There is a very slight scent, not overpowering but not a scent I can put my finger on.  Sea Buckthorn maybe!

The Gosh Lip Oil comes in 4 shades.  Although these are oils, so not meant to be opaque, they're great on their own for a subtle wash of colour (rose and raspberry) or worn over lipstick. The 4 shades are this one I've featured, rose, raspberry and honey (which is clear).

In the tube the oil is a gel consistency (hence what looks like bubbles in the photo) but when applied it is a non runny oil.

Some of the higher end brands have recently brought out lip oils but I cannot imagine that you would be getting a better product for at least double your money.  This Gosh one at £7.49 from Superdrug is great value and really does work.  Bye bye 8 hour cream, I can spend my money on something else in duty free from now on!

Let me know if you try this lip oil and what you think.



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