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Nip + Fab face masks

Nip + Fab face masks

Back in December I posted about the Nip + Fab Frown Fix (read it here) and whilst I had high hopes for this little clicky pen which was going to erase my furrowed brow and 8 years of wearing my concerns and disdain in between my eyebrows, I knew it was a very big ask.  And it was.  Too big an ask.  My frown line, I now know, can only be fixed by something poisonous being injected into my forehead.  Or getting a fringe cut back in!

However, my curiosity to try out more of the Nip + Fab range has led me to try out a few of their face masks.  And I really like them.  In the past I have only really used clay or charcoal masks for my combination skin, and these have all set as hard as concrete and are about as easy to get off. Scrubbing away at your skin to try and remove the product kind of defeats the object of "treating" your skin to a mask.  And I always get spotty after using a mask.  I used to tell myself this was all the bad stuff which had been drawn out of my skin by the mask, and it was just something you had to put up with.
But not with the Nip + Fab masks.  Firstly the three I have been using are not clay based, they're a gel texture, so they apply really nicely and don't set hard.  The masks do sink in, which is good, and when you take them off, there isn't loads of residue to remove but you're not madly scouring your face.

All these three masks can be left on for 10 minutes and the Dragon's Blood Plumping mask and Bee Sting Lifting mask can also be left on overnight, whilst you sleep (I haven't tried this yet as I'm a face in pillow sleeper!).

I have noticed a real improvement in my skin since using these and I do also think that my frown line has improved slightly.

These masks leave your skin feeling wonderfully soft and smooth, not irritated or sore and I have not had any breakouts after using them.

Nip + Fab are available at Superdrug and Boots and they often have special offers on the (already affordable) range.

This is what the tubes say:

Bee Sting Lifting mask - a gel mask combining bee venom with 30 express lifting effect technology to smooth and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Dragon's Blood Plumping mask- an intensely hydrating gel mask to plump the look of wrinkles, refine the skin's appearance for a brighter, more youthful looking complexion.

Glycolic Instant mask - a high potency pore-tightening gel mask to perfect and exfoliate the complexion to smooth away the appearance of lines and wrinkles, whilst reducing the look of enlarged pores.  (This is my favourite).

These masks really are worth a try if, like me, you want to restore your faith in a 10 minute facial treat.


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