Thursday, 25 February 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Just over a week to go until Mothering Sunday in the UK.  A day to celebrate and acknowledge our mother figures, whether that be your birth Mum, a Step Mum, a surrogate/stand in Mum or the person you turn to when the going gets tough.

I am very fortunate to have a fabulous Mum - the most incredibly strong minded, nurturing, family loving 5ft package of lovely Thai-ness.  Her curry soothes my soul, her strength has shaped who I am.  We haven't always seen eye to eye, as is often the case with daughters and mothers but now that I have been a Mum myself for 18 years, I can appreciate how frustrating, heart breaking, worrying, rewarding, hilarious and joyous it is to be a Mum.

Most Mums are selfless creatures who will tell you they don't want anything for Mother's Day.  They do, and you should.  You don't have to spend a lot.  It'll only make your Mum worry if you do.  Mums are always happy with a bunch of flowers but something just for them is always more thoughtful.  There are of course all the usual things you can buy - Pandora jewellery, a dressing gown, slippers, chocolates.  So I've put together a few ideas that will make your Mum feel treasured, young and spoilt.

  • Rosie for Autograph make up - available in M&S.  Model, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has just brought out a range of make up for M&S.  The packaging is gorgeous and looks very similar to the much more expensive Charlotte Tilbury.  My favourites are the highlighter and eye shadow sticks.  Have a look at the range here.  Prices start from £12.00
  • Selfish Mother sweatshirt.  I'm intrigued by this brand and I'm in to logo tops, so why not spell it out with this Mother sweatshirt.  It's pricey at £45.00 but cost per wear on a sweatshirt of this quality will be worth it.  Click here.
  • Shu Uemura eyelash curlers.  I know they look like an instrument of torture but eyelash curlers seriously open your eyes up and give dramatic lift to the lashes. These are the mother of curlers.  As we age our lashes naturally don't have the lift they use to.  But they will with these curlers.  Your mum will thank you.  £20.00 from here.
  • A spa day.  Your Mum wants to spend time with you, and with a spa day its a win, win. You both get pampered, indulged, get to spend the day together in a relaxing environment and come away refreshed and with a warm glow.  The Center Parc resorts have a brilliant and comprehensive spa centre - Aqua Sana.  I've been to the Longleat one a few times and it is bliss.  You don't even need to have individual treatments as there are so many separate experience rooms which will take quite a few hours to get around and unwind in.
I hope these have given you some different ideas on how to treat your Mum, or what hints you might like to drop for yourself! Happy Mothering Sunday. 


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  1. Loving those 'Mother' sweatshirts, have seen them online & think I might need one! :-)


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