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February 2016 Favourites

February Favourites
After the very grey and very long January, February seems to have flown by and Spring is now a realistic idea.  My favourites for this month were not so much about new things but items I've had for a little while but were my staples in February.

1. Make up
You will have noticed from quite a few of my previous posts that I love eye shadow and I'm fast building up my collection but, like a comfortable pair of slippers, I just keep getting drawn back to these 2 favourites.  
The first is the Maybelline 24 hr color tattoo in leather effect.  These gel cream shadows are wonderful, really.  I haven't tested them out for 24 hours but I have no doubt that they would last.  The texture is like a matt cream, they blend extremely well and you can build up the intensity or just have a wash of colour.  Don't be put off by the description of "leather effect", I don't really know why they say this, probably for the texture of the cream.
I apply these with my finger and then blend out the crease line with a brush.  I've been using the shade Creamy Beige 98 for a while now and its a lovely warm beige colour.  I mostly use this on its own but the texture of these shadows also lend themselves to a great base on which to apply a powder shadow.
In February I purchased the shade Vintage Plum 97.  This is a plum but if you apply just a smidge, then it blends out to a warm grey colour.  £4.99 from any Maybelline stockist.
Maybelline 24 hr color tattoo

My other shadow fave is the Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon shadow stick.  I have the shade Dark Pearl, which is for brown eyes.  Apply this easy to use shadow stick straight on to your eye lid, I draw it along my lash line and then blend it out and up with my finger. The colour applies as a rich bronze colour and blends out to a subtle cooper with a very slight hint of shimmer.  This is perfect for day wear.  I also draw it just in the outer corner of my water line and then using a pencil brush to blend it out.  This gives a soft eye lined effect but not at all heavy.  £19.00
Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon

2. Skincare
With both day and night moisturisers, I have no loyalty!  There are always so many new ones coming out that I always try something different.  I've been keeping my eye out for what new night cream I might try next and in the end, and because I didn't have my glasses with me to read all the blurb, I put the Nivea Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream in my basket.  Also it was only £4.35!  
This is a rich cream and really aimed at those with dry skin.  So once the weather starts to warm up, I will have to move on to something more aimed at my combination skin.  But for now I like this, it is a simple, reassuringly smelling, comfortable cream to use.  With all the new skincare brands and claims that you get bombarded with, sometimes its nice to go back to a basic pot of cream which just feels good to put on.
Nivea night cream

3. Food
I've been using and loving my slow cooker this month.  They are so easy.  Put a load of ingredients in, turn it on before you leave for work, come home to a delicious smelling house and your dinner ready and waiting.  My favourite recipe is Beef and Cheese pasta. Here's the recipe.
And any leftovers are just as nice heated in the microwave for lunch.

4. Screen
Two things I've been loving.  The Killing box set on Netflix and Happy Valley on BBC1.
The Killing is 4 series and features 2 cops (I'm using the word cops because they're american!) and each series features a different murder which they investigate.  The 2 cops are a single (pretty useless) Mum and a wirey looking Slim Shady wannabe.  At first I was repulsed by the Slim Shady character (Holder) but oh how he turns you around and I ended up slightly falling for him.  I don't want to give anything away but this is good. It's a long haul but so worth it.

Happy Valley - my sister got me in to this and messaged me saying you need to order series 1 DVD now as series 2 is starting on BBC1.  I did and watched series 1 in less than 2 nights.  It features Sarah Lancashire as a Police Sergeant in a North of England town.  She is fearless, and scary.  If you like a tense police drama, you will like this.

5. Fashion
I feel quite smug that bomber jackets are back in.  I bought my one from New Look, in the kids section, whilst in a long queue for the till last summer.  I like to wear this with jeans or a denim or casual dress, as a "masculine" contrast to the dress.
Everywhere has bomber jackets now, from black and khaki to ones with embroidered flowers on. New Look have some nice shiny bombers, which are thinner material than mine, so perfect for wearing over a jumper and in to Spring.
New Look bomber jacket

The last thing I have been loving is a birthday present, a Zara handbag.  This leather (suede) bag is an eye catching day or evening small handbag with a long metal and suede strap, so can be worn over the shoulder or cross body.  It is big enough to get your phone, small purse, lipstick, glasses etc in.  I love the metal detail on this bag, which makes it stand out.  For the quality of this, I think £29.99 is a bargain.  Zara now have this in a tan and blue colour as well.  Here's the link.

Zara bag

So good bye February.  I'm glad you were so quick!




  1. OMG OMG glad you watched The Killing!! I was soooooo addicted to it, loved it and also know exactly what you mean about Holder! Haaaaaa! :-)

    1. Hahaha. I cannot wait to do a GOT new series post!


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