Sunday, 7 February 2016

Beauty School dropout?

I was very lucky to be bought a 1 day Make Up Course for Christmas at the London Make Up School, and so on Saturday took my nervous self down to London.  As I sat on the tube en route to trendy Shoreditch, I realised that I've never actually touched anyone else's face before.  This thought made me even more nervous!

The 1 day course is designed for complete beginners who either want to learn the basics of make up, or are looking to start a career in make up but would like a taster.  This course teaches professional techniques for commercial application within the beauty industry. You get to learn techniques for colour correction, shading, highlighting and how to apply false eyelashes.  You also get a certificate sent to you shortly after.

The London Make up School is located in a building, up a million flights of stairs, along with the London Hair Academy and the London Beauty School.  They offer all types of different courses and durations, depending on your training need.  
There were 4 of us on the 1 day course, with 1 tutor, and we each had a model to work on.  I have to say that initially, whilst it was an interesting experience, I didn't feel I learnt anything new.  But then this morning I started to remember the things we had learnt, that were new to me.  Things like:

Blue and green eyes are cool toned so are best suited to warm shades of eye shadow, to make their eyes pop, like red and orange based shades.

Whilst brown eyes are warm toned, so should go for cool toned colours like blue or green based shades.  And that makes sense because in all my years of wearing eye shadow, the only time a complete stranger has commented on my eye shadow was when I bravely wore a green shadow.

And for lipstick shades, blue eyes best suit orange tones, green eyes suit red tones and brown eyes should go for proper true red or plummy shades.

I mean of course you can wear whatever shade of eye shadow, lipstick or blush you want but it was interesting to find this out.

The course provide all the make up (which is all MAC, NARS, Bobbi Brown) and brushes.  
I am certainly no expert at all, and some days I struggle with applying my own face but there is a lot to be said for learning through reading blogs or watching You Tube Tutorials, which I find are a friendlier, more up to date way of learning.

The tutor was friendly and very knowledgeable but I was a little disappointed at the hard sell at the end of the day to try and get you to sign up for more courses.  But I suppose that is to be expected when you do anything as a taster!

Here's my attempt at applying make up and false lashes (nerve wracking!) to my model:

London Make up School
I think I'm better at writing about make up...



  1. Oh my goodness, what a fab idea, I'd love to do that course. I'm getting more into make-up again since becoming a blogger and would love all the tips and tricks I can get my hands on. I might have a look but probably too costly!

    1. Thanks for your comment Stephanie. I would actually prefer going for a make up lesson at MAC or Charlotte Tilbury. Both have different priced sessions and whatever you pay for the session, you can then use against any purchases. And they do your make up for you. Julie


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